Huh, I seem to be at a point where I can no longer justify eating animals and animal products to myself. So I'll do a trial month of not doing that! :) Looking forward to learn & experiment! I'll use the hashtag , feel free to mute it. 🌱

This has been a long time coming – I've cooked hundreds of vegan meals for friends and loved ones in the last four years. But I've never really taken the plunge myself, causing a strange moral dissonance in the back of my head.

In the end, as much as I like the taste of meat, milk, and eggs, if it means an animal has to be exploited and killed for this enjoyment, I can't possibly morally justify that. My personal satisfaction is just not as important.

And I also see a challenge to human ingenuity and engineering here! :) Can we make products which are as tasty, but don't involve suffering animals? I think we've come a long way in the last decade!


Vegan friends, please throw your favorite recipes, websites, and documentaries at me, or any other resources/advice you would've needed in this situation! :D

And… if anyone wanted to join me for , and exchange notes and experiences, I'd absolutely love that, too! 💚

Great to hear! :-) :vegananarchism:
Thought I can't advice you a specific website, but can share the following thoughts with you:
Always remember the reasons you wish to be vegan, and know that no label in a supermarket can give you that.
Non-human Animal exploitation is far deeper integrated into society, that also any product in a grocery store with a :vegan: label, is very likely to be complicit in this harmfulness.
Nevertheless perfection does not exist, but reducing ones aim to lifestyle consumerism was never the reason one started to become vegan, and so should it not end there.

btw: I still believe that changing eating habits is a great thing to do!

@paulfree14 This is a really nuanced thought, thanks so much for sharing! <3


@blinry Mengen mache ich etwas nach Gefühl, aber eine richtig leckere Alternative zu Rührei (schmeckt natürlich anders):

Zwiebeln in einer Pfanne andünsten, einen Tofublock zerbröseln und dazugeben. Mit etwas Pflanzenmilch ablöschen und einen Schuss Sojasauce dazu. Etwas köcheln lassen und dann gewürfelte Tomaten dazugeben. Mit Knoblauch- und süßem Paprikapulver, Kurkuma, Pfeffer und Petersilie würzen. Hefeflocken dazugeben. Mit Tahini abschmecken und ein bisschen köcheln lassen. :)


@blinry Generell sind Hefeflocken ein echtes Umami-Wundermittel. Damit kann man auch hervorragende Béchamelsoße für vegane Lasagne etc. zaubern.


@scabux Njom, werde ich ausprobieren! :) Danke! <3


@scabux @blinry oh, I know that recipe with kala namak for the egg flavour ^^


@daniel_bohrer @blinry Yes, that will be closer to "real" scrambled egg, I suppose. However, I don't have Kala Namak and I'm not really looking for a particularly egg-like taste, anyway. :)
But you're right, I've seen that before. In general, this recipe allows for a lot of variation, which is always fun.

@blinry Kokoscurry: Gemüse nach Wahl (oder auch einfach was noch so im Kühlschrank ist, in guter Curry-Tradition) inne Pfanne, später Kokosmilch und Currypaste dazu, dann noch Gewürze nach Geschmack drauf und am Ende einfach die Linsen einrühren. Auch perfekt für Vorkochen. Wenn's schnell gehen soll tun's Dosenlinsen auch einwandfrei, find ich.
Und dann einfach mal durch's Gewürzregal rollen nach Geschmack.

Ich freestyle das meist nach Gefühl, deswegen sind die Mengenangaben hier eher so joa.^^

@cherti Hehe, danke, das werd ich ausprobieren! :) (Und den Ausdruck "durch's Gewürzregal rollen" mag ich sehr! :D)


@blinry There's a great collection of vegan recipes at :) Also, @dasnessie has lots of delicious vegan recipes in her repository: I'm especially fond of the "Mozzarellaschmelz", it's great for all sorts of baked dishes like lasagna or vegan pizza.


@mentalshirt Oh neat, thanks! :) I think I remember you talking about (a precursor of) RecipeMD at the last HOA!

And great collection, @dasnessie, I'm happy to find a vegan Labskaus, for example! :)


@blinry Congratulations on the experiment! I'm pretty passionate about good vegan food, so prepare to be infodumped on 🙈

My first piece of advice is to not give up or feel bad just because you "slip". A lot of people have this all-or-nothing mentality, but I think it's enough to do all you can. If that means you are "just" 80% vegan, that's fine.

(For me, I sometimes decide to eat milk/eggs when I'm with friends or family, if I feel it's too difficult to find something vegan.)


@blinry However, on giving up:
One thing that I've come across a lot with people that are starting their vegetarian/vegan journey is that at some point, maybe a week in, they start craving animal products really badly. Quite often, they are just missing umami flavours - if you are used to cooking with meat, you are just not used to having to add umami to your dishes.

Soy sauce, mushrooms, tomato paste, lentils, red wine, marmite, and miso paste are your friends for that!


@blinry We are already talking about "special" ingredients, so here's a list of things I like to use: (If you're in Braunschweig and want to try any of these let me know, I'll share)

- Smoked salt or liquid smoke
- mushroom powder
- lactic acid powder (great for making soy yoghurt feel more satisfying)
- Agar powder (pure for easier measuring, not the gelatin alternative from the baking section)
- nutritional yeast flakes
- psyllium husks (for stretchy cheese alterntives)


@blinry If you want to know more about vegan cheese alternatives let me know, I have more info to dump!

For shopping, here are a few things to look out for:
- You will read a lot of ingredient lists, and you will get used to it pretty quickly. Look out for milk and egg products (printed bold), and for gelatin (not printed bold).
- I have seen gelatin hiding in cereal, all sweets, and anything from the baked goods section.




- Look at the cheapest version of a product. To save money, they often replace milk and eggs.
- Oreo cookies are vegan!
- A few things where it surprised me that they are vegan:
- Gnocchi from the pasta section (the dry ones)
- puff pastry dough (the cheapest one)
- Croissant dough from the refrigerated section
- Juice, on the other hand, is often not vegan - if filtered, it is filtered using gelatin!


@blinry I think that's it for now - feel free to mention me for any questions, or recipe requests!


@dasnessie Thannnks, I really appreciate the info dump! <3

I see the Käseschmelz recipes in your repo, do you have a favorite? Really wanna try making that now! :)

Have you tried making cheese with penicillium candidum?

I have half of the ingredients you mentioned, and can probably make my own mushroom powder! :O I'd love to try some lactic acid powder and pure agar, though, and smoked salt might be more convenient for some dishes compared to liquid smoke?


@dasnessie "Hefe, die nicht leer wird" :O What a treasure trove! Also, the Kardanoms sound really good!

Essen/Food, pandemic 

@blinry A bit of caution on the yeast: It didn't work as well as I hoped it would for me. It's a recipe from the start of the pandemic where all the people were buying yeast. My favorite way to an endless supply of yeast is still sourdough :)

But I can totally recommend the Kardanoms! I love them!


@blinry For the cheeses, it really depends on the use case for me.

The Mozzarellaschmelz is gooey, stretchy and works great on pizza, burgers and in quesadillas.

The other two are more of a sauce that works good as a topping in baking (eg for casseroles). I also find them to be a little easier on the stomach.

To make things more complicated, you can take the consistency base and the ingredients for flavor separately and mix and match :D


@blinry I have not tried to make cheese with penicillium candidum, mostly because it takes a lot of time and I don't really like the cow's milk variants of mould cheese. But check out if you want to get into that! There also is a great book by Miyoko Schinner on aged vegan cheeses that a lot of people swear by.


@blinry I actually only have liquid smoke - I put it in a pipette bottle, that really helps with measuring. I have a lot of mushroom powder, lactic acid and agar, I'll gladly give you some!


@blinry One more thing I just remembered: Oat and rice milk are great, however they contain amylase, which will break down any starch you put in there. So use soy or nut milks if you want to make a sauce or custard! (or anything else that uses starch as the thickening agent)


@dasnessie … that explains why that vanilla pudding disintegrated last year! m)


@blinry (I fear this will go on like this the whole day, tell me if you want me to stop)

Since you said you have made many vegan meals, you probably know the difference between the "Natur" ("natural") and the "Natur - ohne Zucker" ("natural without sugar") variant of plant milk and yogurt, but if not: the "Natur" variant still contains sugar and vanilla aroma and tastes awful in savory dishes.


@dasnessie I didn't have this distinction that clear in my head! I've made disappointing desserts with the sugar-free kind, though.

And I'd really like you to keep going! :> Random questions in my head:

What's the most convenient way to supplement B12? How often should the levels be checked? I'm paying attention to my vitamin D levels already, anything else I should watch out for?

How to find a good balance between actively advocating for veganism, and not overwhelming people?


@dasnessie You mentioned gelatine-filtered juice: is there a way to tell/find out?

What's a good source to buy nuts and dry beans in bulk?

When you're in a new city (or country), and want to eat out, what's the first resource you turn to?


@blinry For the juice: Many juices have the vegan-label on them. I usually trust it even if it is not an official one. has a shopping guide with lots of products that can also be helpful.
And if possible, I just go for cloudy (apple) juice.

Essen/Food, alcohol 

@blinry Same goes for wine, by the way!


@blinry For many things in bulk, I like asian and turkish supermarkets. And I think @mentalshirt has a source for cashews in bulk?


@dasnessie @blinry Yes, since I tend to use a lot of cashews I order them in bulk from (see attached image, beer bottle for scale). They also have a good selection of textured vegetable protein of different sizes


@blinry When I'm looking for a new restaurant, I use, mostly the app. The content is (in part?) crowdsourced and can be outdated, so take it with a grain of salt, but generally, the recommendations are pretty good and the filter options are great.


@blinry @dasnessie @feli once recommended me, which also has an Android app (which uses Google Maps)


@blinry @dasnessie ah sorry, that one was already mentioned, good!


@blinry I personally don't have the most safe way of doing the B12 supplementation, so I'm probably not the right person to ask for this - I take a 1000 μg tablet every four days, and don't get my blood checked. I take Vitamin D as well, and that's it. There is a supplement by that I've heard good things about - it has a lower amount of B12, so you can take it every day. I personally didn't like the taste, though.


@blinry I personally don't want to talk people into becoming vegan, because in my experience, that pushes people away rather than make them interested.

What I like to do is tell them that I am vegan, but that that is a choice I made only for myself, and that I respect their choices. I'll invite people to try my vegan food and to ask any questions they might have, and try and show them that many of the prejudices aren't true.


@blinry @dasnessie If I may offer my knowledge: the body is able to store B12 for quite some time and will do so if there is enough. I did my first two-yearly (voluntary) checkup with my doc and asked for B12 to be checked as well(~15€). That was useful as my values were to low and needed to be boosted with 5 injections(free)/1 per week. My doc said when using 1000µg pills one every two days, 500µg one daily should be enough. Based on this a yearly check is what I probably going to do.


@dasnessie @blinry @daniel_bohrer if you are looking for sweets you could try German Katjes - at least some of their products are marketed as vegan

@blinry I took this thread as an opportunity to finally document my (current) favorite vegan recipe:

Also, the Spiegel recently had a nice recipe for peanut garlic noodles:

@drc Njom, thanks for writing that up! :) *bookmarking noises*

@blinry Tried these recipes recently. All Asian, all vegan (I think), all turned out delicious. :)

Also, as you like making your own drinks, this one might be relevant as well:

@blinry for a while someone mentioned this nice channel on YouTube:
I only tried one recipe so far but quite liked it

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