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Exactly 8 hours after the dose, I suddenly got strong chills, as well as flu-like aches in my body and head. Had a rough night with exhausting fever dreams. Staying in bed today.

Installing updates鈥 please do not turn off or unplug your blinry.

The symptoms that persisted the longest were a headache and muscle stiffness, but those disappeared around 48 hours after the dose. My arm still hurts a bit 鈥 other than that, I'm back to normal! <3

@blinry \o/ \o/ \o/
(woah, in my Impfzentrum there were "no photographs" signs everywhere so I didn't dare to take pictures ^^)

@necrosis So einen umstrittenen, den manche Leute aus irgendeinem Grund wohl nicht mehr haben wollen. 馃

@blinry Eee! Take it easy you, hope you're feeling better soon.

(Obligatory question: AZ? BioNTech? J&J?)

@blinry hibernation c-state=3 will help. Keep your battery tipped up with electrolytes and I wish you a speedy reboot 鈥

@blinry we both slept for eleven hours after the first dose

@blinry Was that the second shot? I had some headache and joint pain after the first, but after the second one (just like you, about 8 hours later) I felt absolutely terrible. It lasted about 24 hours and then I was fine.

I was given the Moderna vaccine by the way, which I have been told gives a bit worse side effects compated to Pfizer?

@loke I had the first shot of AZ :) Feel better already.

@blinry Do you already know when the second patch will be applied and which one it will be?

@larsan No, no idea! :D This was a random "AZ-that-nobody-wanted" dose, so currently, I think nobody feels responsible for giving me another dose. *shrug* But I expect that do become more clear in the next months.

@blinry Huh, that's interesting, I was assuming they'd provide a second appointment even for those leftover-doses.

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