Presenting: The Ferro Paradox, a puzzle game about robots, magnets and antimatter! 🤖🧲📦🌪️

Play it in your browser:

Made in 48 hours for GMTK Game Jam, with an original soundtrack by @winniehell! 🎶

It's a game with simple rules, but interesting implications. You'll enjoy this if you liked games like or!

The results are now out! I'm especially proud of rank #67 in the "fun" category (out of 5805 submitted entries)! ☺️

@blinry @winniehell You mean enjoy in the sense of "aha, I found a bug"?

In wurstday there is still a level I can only pass if I have the water gug available :P

@blinry the one with the odd-penis-looking-wurst and the water.

@blinry I mean the one I screenshoted to show you the bug.

@blinry hihi, I like the new graphics :3 but I liked the "nom" sound for the antimatter better!

@blinry Really love this game! Also really enjoyed the rescue-mission-level (though I enjoyed all of them!)

@EorlBruder I also think that level came out pretty well – how the two bots have to help each other :)

@blinry Das erinnert mich an ein uraltes Spiel bei dem man die Struktur von Elementen auf eine ähnliche Art und Weise zusammenbauen musste. Ich weiß nur leider nicht mehr, wie es hieß.

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