Let's just say: I take my hobbies seriously! :D

That stuff in the back is 100 litres of perlite, a cheap, lightweight volcanic material that provides aeration in potting mixes! 馃尡

The other main component is going to be coir (aka coconut fibre), which has the opposite property: it holds water really well! I found it in this brick shape.

Okay, does everyone have their masks ready? This will be dusty!

Perlite looks and feels like small pebbles of styrofoam. It wasn't as dusty as I thought, but let's still give it a good rinse!

...and this should, in theory, be an excellent substrate for starting seeds! This is a "soil-less" mix, and it's pretty much void of nutrients; the seeds already pack everything they need to get started. Or so I've heard. I barely know what I'm doing! :D

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