I've been adding descriptions to almost all images I post for over a year now! :) I'm curious:

(Poll for Mastodon)

Unfortunately, the default web interface of doesn't offer an easy way to see image descriptions yet. :/ I've recently been enjoying, which can be used with the "Stylus" browser extension!

Most Mastodon clients show image descriptions by default, like with hover texts over at In any case, if you do write them, I'll now appreciate them on both platforms. :) Often, they make a post's intent clearer to me!

@blinry How about "Noticed, approved, though didn't need" :)

(Though I try to always add a little "extra value" in my descriptions so I do read those of other people, too)

@blinry I guess that very much explains the results of this poll (until now) on the twitter side :>

@blinry Die Bildbeschreibungen verwende ich in der Regel nicht.

a) Wenn ich Glitch Art publiziere ist mir nicht klar wie ich mein Bild erklären soll.

b) Wenn ich Bilder betrachte stört mich das automatische anzeigen der Erklärung. Sie verdeckt Teile des Bildes.

Diese zwei Einwände kommen daher weil für mich der optische Eindruck so wichtig ist.

Unklar ist mir ob einen sehbehinderter Menschen den alt text über text to speech vorgelesen bekommt.

@blinry I couldn't find my position in your poll: I was motivated by your descriptions (at least to try) adding descriptions to my images.

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