When I'm learning about a new topic, there's a technique that's really effective for me: keeping a list of questions I'm curious about!

As I dive into a new topic, there will likely be many terms and concepts I don't know, or things I don't know the answer to! I write them down as questions, and when I'm not sure what to do next, I pick one and try to find an answer, adding more questions as I go.

For example, about digital painting, I currently have questions like: What's a good way to hold a stylus? What does the "Color dodge" blend mode do, and when would I want to use it? What are some exercises for learning to draw straight lines?

This technique keeps me focused and self-motivated, and points me in the direction of greatest curiosity! I've used it for learning about x86 assembly, insurances, color spaces, and veganism!


What are your favorite learning techniques? :)

Another technique that appeals to me (but which I haven't tried yet) is @vihartvihart@twitter.com's "Make 50 of Something"! vihart.com/fifty-fizzbuzzes/

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