"Tides" – a demo using only HTML sliders, released at Revision 2022! 💙 Music by @winniehell!

Inspired by "Checkboxland", made by at the! <3

"Tides" just won first place in Revision's "Wild" competition! Thanks everyone!!

@blinry @winniehell this was such a beautiful demo with a lovely concept! great work

@blinry @winniehell Exactly. Probably not all effects can be transmitted, especially for reasons of latency. However, it would be worth a try. :)

@pintman @blinry @winniehell

A sort of trial of it was done by Byproduct a few years ago at Assembly - but different in many ways. Both are unique takes and I never thought to connect the concepts until now.

@blinry @halcy @winniehell


Well deserved

such a great example of what the wild compo _can_ be.

And that demos can be minimal, while being great ideas, and "words why am I awake"

@blinry whee, that's a great place for a great piece of art! :yayblob:

@blinry Well deserved! Extremely creative, and a reminder that as long as you wish to express your creativity, art can be made on any medium.

@blinry I love how there are no explanations on it. „That one? Oh, yes, I got that in my time as an astronaut, surviving on a foreign wild planet.“ or „Yes, a time ago, I even did acrobatics contests!“

@piko @blinry
No need for explanations. *Everyone* has heard about Blinry's adventures on Venus.

@blinry @winniehell For those who block YouTube, the original zip includes both the HTML source and an mp4 recording:
@blinry @winniehell By the way, if you like wordplay, can you guess the title of this movie?…

@bkil I didn't get this yet… :D "Climbing Progress"… "Slider step"… "Turn it up a level"… can I get a hint? :) @winniehell

@blinry @winniehell The title is a single word related to what you see (and you can see the first letter of its logo here)

@bkil Ohh! I wouldn't have found the answer! :) I liked your design of the "S"! @winniehell

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