Here's my new minimalist creative coding playground!

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What animations can YOU make using JavaScript and 64 sliders? 🎚️✨

Click the blue arrow to get detailed instructions. Everything you type is saved in the URL, make sure to share your creations in the comments!

In Chrome, there's also a "record" button that saves your animation as an MP4! 🎥

I originally wrote this tool for the music video "Tides", which won first place in's Wild competition this year!

The interactive version takes huge inspiration from's "tixy", which has around 0.5 dimensions more, and uses a 16x16 dot grid!

Another inspiration was "Checkboxland", which made at the in 2020!

I'm especially amazed by this animation that @daniel_bohrer made!

Such a simple expression: (i^(t*20)%64)/63
But so much recursive complexity!

@blinry Hah, I already wondered whether you were inspired by that 🙂

@blinry great! Really cool and creative what you can do.
Except the Google promotion - it hurts. Honestly. Please don't!

@SeeHorst Thanks for pointing that out! I'm also unhappy with the situation that the're only a good technical solution for recording MP4s in some of the browsers. :/

@blinry awesome, but now I really need to find my (booklet with collection of mathematical formulas) from back in school an remember all this formulas again :awesome: :fairydust:

@blinry awesome! thank you for this, tides was beautiful and this is super playful

@blinry I love the playground and the video - very cool!

@blinry the music Video is awesome, too. I can't stop watching. Like hypnosis. Very nice!

@tian Cool!! The same technique could be used for a real clock, I guess! :O

@EdJoPaTo @blinry You may prefer to divide by (base-1), but you need the same base in base** and %base

@tian @blinry I suspected that while playing around with that. Thanks for confirming!

Sadly the number is not that big so it looks nicer with lower bases. And using a binary base with sliders looks lame… let’s call it artistic compromise 🙃

@blinry Great! I had a similar idea. Now I don't have to do it!

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