Here's my new minimalist creative coding playground!

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What animations can YOU make using JavaScript and 64 sliders? 🎚️✨

Click the blue arrow to get detailed instructions. Everything you type is saved in the URL, make sure to share your creations in the comments!

In Chrome, there's also a "record" button that saves your animation as an MP4! 🎥


I originally wrote this tool for the music video "Tides", which won first place in's Wild competition this year!

The interactive version takes huge inspiration from's "tixy", which has around 0.5 dimensions more, and uses a 16x16 dot grid!

Another inspiration was "Checkboxland", which made at the in 2020!

I'm especially amazed by this animation that @daniel_bohrer made!

Such a simple expression: (i^(t*20)%64)/63
But so much recursive complexity!

"But will it run Doom?" Yes. Yes, it does! 😆

I remade the first level using JavaScript and 64 sliders!

This blew up! 😮 Check out to learn how to make your own animations!

Me & @winniehell made a music video using this framework:

And finally, you can bribe me to make more things like this! 💚

What I especially love about this one is the heavily commented code! Makes it much easier to modify & learn from! <3

@blinry This is absolutely ridiculous. I am in awe. Your dedication is out of this world.

@blinry I'm in love with it. The whole thing, not just this specific flex which is off the charts.
You are great.

@blinry people will play doom on literally anything and I'm here for it

@blinry looks like some distortion going on. When I wrote my raycaster engine I had similar distortion because I was casting equal angles between columns instead of projecting to the screen. So maybe that helps :)

@blinry i was about to ask why, and then i remember my projects exist

@blinry goodness, I didn't expect j-pop! Ahhh, I'm in love!
Is this the intro of an anime? I'm so terribly out of the loop... I'll look it up right away!

@blinry found it. Curious history. Need to explore more. When awake.
Thanks for sharing!

@TQ #badapple is just epic. Especially I love the story how the black/white video got created. The versions from Christina Vee are high amoung my all time favs. Thanks @blinry for giving it another push.

@blinry can you alternate really quickly between the front and back so that you draw both sides?

@Bobo_PK I think that would work, and probably look like the cube is transparent! :O

@blinry Hah, I already wondered whether you were inspired by that 🙂

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