Welcome to September of Shameless Self Plugs, highlighting some of the projects I'm most proud of!

1: Wurst Day Ever

One of my best puzzle games, needs a lot of lateral thinking! With a lovely soundtrack by @winniehell.

2: Screw This

A cartoon I made in 2017. Like almost everything I create, I released it under a free Creative Commons license – you can reuse and remix it for any purpose!

3: A Flicker of Hope

An electronic music track I made in 2019. Thanks to @alinanorakari for giving feedback on this!

4: Free Hugs

What happens when you offer Free Hugs to people? @PurpleShadow and I tried it in 2017, and I wrote a really wholesome essay about it!

5: Clickbait

A short web game, made with for the GMTK Game Jam 2020. Close all popups with a very disobedient mouse cursor! Really happy with how graphics, gameplay, and sound all come together here.

Play it here: 6: Disconnect

A digital drawing from 2017. Inspired by the marvelous "womb scene" in the movie Gravity. 7: The Glitch Gallery

I'm curating an online museum of pretty, accidental software bugs! Let's embrace our mistakes! 🐛🐞🪲

Submissions open!

8: Pengutronix intro

In 2020, the embedded Linux company Pengutronix commissioned a video intro for their talk recordings! 🐧🐟

This was a super fun project! :) If anyone else wants an intro of any kind, get in touch! 🤙

10: Wikidata Guessr

It's like Geoguessr, but free, and powered by open data! And the best thing is that you can create your own location quiz!

For example, here's a quiz about amusement parks! 🎢

11: You Shall Not Pass

A short game about absurd password requirements. I still think that level 2 is really funny, and that we could extend it into a longer game at some point!

12: IDEA

Wanna understand how PUBLIC KEY KRÜPTO works? Or what KVICK SÖRT is? We've got you covered with these nonverbal assembly instructions!

13: Passierschein A38

An overly bureaucratic German form with nonsensical questions. Was hugely popular on some imageboards, I still get messages sometimes from people who find these in offices at the other side of the country! 🤪

14: xkcd in Toki Pona

I translated several of my favorite webcomics to my favorite constructed language!

Learn the language:
Read the comics:

15: Pixel poster of the Congress Centrum Hamburg

Made this at the end of 2016, when the building was closed for construction works. Now it's open again – looking forward to return there for !

Wallpaper versions here:

16: Inkdiaries

Since 2017, I've made daily little ink drawings every October! For me, these collages hold huge emotional value, since I often drew something that really moved me!

Just uploaded all of them here:

Huh, which shape could I use this year…?

17: HTTP codes bot

One of these bots that are consistently funny to me for some reason! 😂 Powered by and hosted on!


18: legit

I made an esoteric programming language where your Git commit graph is the program!

And I gave a 10-minute talk about it in Chicago, which I just uploaded for the first time (with subtitles). Enjoy! 🎤

19: Cat Tree Generator

During a mini batch at the in 2021, I made this web-based Cat Tree Generator! 🐈‍⬛

20: Sand Child

When Twitter introduced polls in 2015, I wrote a "Chose Your Own Adventure"-style story about a crash landing in a big desert. I'm still a bit sad that y'all voted to kill my favorite character! 🐍

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@blinry @winniehell You where able to complete a level by "just" throwing the whole sausage in the water.

@blinry @winniehell

That's a very cool game, and great soundtrack too!

@blinry @winniehell
printed a few T-Shirts with matching wurst content a few years ago with Simon Lindner:

Thanks for publishing those levels! (I just hope that someone can solve the level "key" ... I just played it again and did have my problems finding the solution :D)

@blinry @PurpleShadow
Well, I never dared to accept the offer – didn’t meet you, of course. Most often, free hugs are offered by young women – I doubt they would like to hug me, and I don’t want to impose. Talk about low self-esteem.

@blinry no shot :D i really like those people and the work they’re doing :)

@blinry I would argue that this is definitely playable, as we just heard.

@blinry Some person on the internet "Let me play that behind my back on the ocean's floor"

@blinry It was commented as “The ultimate regression test generator! ;-)”

@blinry Really cool idea!

I played around with a couple wikidata keys, but not all seem to work equally well. Eg. "Toy" only ever gave me a single image to guess.

@blinry ahhhhhh, fond memories <3 and I still haven't framed & hung my copy…

@blinry Wow, is it really this long ago? Feels like yesterday.

@blinry I love this piece. It hangs on my wall in a custom built frame. <3

@blinry I should join in. I do too much weird stuff, too!

@blinry A great work of art, and exactly what I needed today. Ich danke Ihnen herzlich.

@blinry level 3 is making grandma win without touching the keyboard

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