@S18alg Cool! :) Wanna be added to the campaign website?

@blinry why not if it helps you to bring more peolpe in.

@blinry wouldn't "post on mastodon for a week and put links to your toots on all other networks" be more effective? In social networks you don't recognise intentional silence, so basically, you're just gone for a week.

@blinry don't take this the wrong way, I'm all for promoting mastodon. I'm just trying to suggest something that feels more effective. (and I will join that week in a very similar fashion).

@blinry @amenthes To me, and many others, a reason for joining Mastodon was a previous week that friends did in this style - we didn't want to miss out on their thoughts, their stories, their jokes, and followed them here. By doing the same thing as a concentrated effort, we hope for a similar or even better result. As long as people can read me on twitter, they have no reason to use Mastodon if they are not inclined to test new platforms.

@amenthes I get what you mean, but I already did such a week and I can say that it worked very well for me! About 12 of my closest Twitter friends followed me here! :>

@ax Awesome! :) Can I add you to the campaign website? :>

@blinry count me in. That's gonna be the second week in a row I don't even open the 🐦site.

@ornithocoder So you're now an ex-ornithologist? :P Just kidding, I'm glad you're with us! Wanna be added to the list? :)

@blinry Love the idea! I'd love to help plan a follow-up one following the vote on the #BuyTwitter resolution on May 22nd? My sense is that we could harness the disappointment in the resolution not passing into a #birdsite strike/migration among its supporters, and coming onto Mastodon would be an obvious direction to point...

#twitter #platformcoop #woollyweek

@blinry ich mach auch mit.
Hab mich gerade auf twitter geoutet.

@blinry I feel kindof left out because I left Twitter 4 years ago. I guess I could join again just to quit, but that smacks of effort.

@blinry here it is! I was thinking about this today and I could not find your account (I am forgetful, sorry)

I will join in this effort somehow.

@lambadalambda You mean the GNU social servers? I'm quite new here, myself :-!

@lambadalambda I'll add a reference, thanks for the input! :)

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