@anathem Yeah, looking at the ingredients, it seems to be vegan! Cool! :)

Pretty tomatoes from the community garden! πŸ…πŸ’•

@piko Bei mir war es lange der Dear Esther-Soundtrack: youtube.com/watch?v=xD3UfXFP-S

Das hat aber ne ziemlich traurige Story, deshalb bin ich ganz froh, dass es inzwischen abgelΓΆst ist von: youtube.com/watch?v=YexJzu9aSZ

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Some areas of interest: education, climate change, privacy, security, citizen science, open data, music, feminism

If you know some interesting opportunities related to anything above, I'd love to hear about them. Also feel free to RT :)

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Hey πŸ‘‹, I'm looking for a Job starting in Nov/Dec. Ideally <=30h/wk, Munich, Berlin or remote, interesting tech and meaningful work (πŸ¦„, I know).
I have a BSc in CS, MSc in HCI. Most of my experience is with FP (mainly Clojure), web dev, Docker, NixOS. Always learning new things

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@momo *looks up images of artichoke flowers, and also finds them very pretty*

Chilis! I cooked a really nice fruity sauce from the habanero – all the other ingredients were from Foodsharing, as well!

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A whole artichoke! I'd never had this before but you can steam it, and then suck out the leaves! Tastes mild and nutty!

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Here's an average fruit & vegetable haul from a supermarket (after distributing some of it to friends).

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I wanna do a continuous thread of all the stuff I'm saving from being thrown away via Foodsharing! :)

Here's 40 bags of potato and peanut snacks!

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queer self realization process 

@lastfuture Aw, thanks for sharing that process! Makes me super happy that you found a confirming label for yourself, and that you enjoy exploring this facet of your identity! <3

@izaya It sure is! :3 Great to be surrounded by people who can whip something like this up!

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