Which GitHub repositories have the most commits? Read this fun new blogpost by Jonathan Protzenko to find out, and be surprised.


I am always delighted when just works with a new email contact.

is opportunistic email encryption: you send your public key within the header of every email. Then, your contacts can encrypt their replies to this public key. Here, opportunistic has a positive connotation: the protocol uses the best protection available, but does not guarantee a baseline better than plaintext.

It's available in Thunderbird, K9, and others. Read more about it on autocrypt.org/

Habe heute mit Freude erfahren, dass @hostsharing eine Mastodon-Instanz für Genossenschaften betreibt unter geno.social :)

Nicht viele der Accounts sind im öffentlichen Profilverzeichnis geno.social/explore sichtbar. Eine Suche nach „geno.social“ im Mastodon-Client bringt dennoch eine schöne Liste interessanter Accounts zu Tage. Und die öffentliche Timeline hilft auch beim Entdecken: geno.social/public

Twitter just invented the fediverse twitter.com/jack/status/120476 "Twitter is funding a small independent team of up to five open source architects, engineers, and designers to develop an open and decentralized standard for social media. The goal is for Twitter to ultimately be a client of this standard. "

Ich bin beeindruckt, man kann sonntags Geld per Echtzeitüberweisung empfangen.

's mobile web interface seems decent, I'll try that for a while instead of an app.

I thought the app from is not much different from the one available on Google Play. Well, I just tried the Google Play one and it's more polished, it handles threads, and emoticon reactions, and has notifications. I suspect communication productivity could increase a lot if more people used this app version. Sadly it's on Google services for the notifications.

Personnellement, savoir que mes proches avec un cancer n'ont pas besoin de lancer un appel à dons pour payer leurs soins, ça justifie toutes mes cotisations sociales, tous mes impôts.


@kravietz That's interesting, thanks! I spent some time on their website and read ekioh.com/blog/improving-html- : "The CPU intensive operation of laying text out in paragraphs is particularly suited to parallel execution. On a page of text, nothing in one paragraph affects the word wrapping of the others, just their vertical position."

Now I wonder if and could also benefit from such techniques. I feel like they are all single-threaded at the moment.

Wenn ihr crosspostet, dann erstellt den Beitrag doch in #Mastodon und den #Crosspost in #Twitter. Wir brauchen hier keine Werbung für Twitter, aber Mastodon könnte Werbung auf Twitter gebrauchen.

We are looking for a supplier of a sporf = spork+knife = spoon+fork+knife combination. Preferably made of metal, and preferably short shipping distance to Germany.

Do you have any recommendation?

Our plan is to make a bulk order of >= 450 Euro to give them away against donation during to help attendees save on single-use plastic cutlery.

Picture by Jmb under cc-by-3.0 commons.m.wikimedia.org/wiki/F

You are absolutely awesome! Since yesterday we got more than 20 donations via paypal and the same amount of requests for the bank details. After this short period we got enough donations to finance the instance to 100% for the next few months. Thank you! 😍

Threat modelling of downloading a script and piping it to shell: arp242.net/curl-to-sh.html

One problem mentioned in [1] that I agree with: You can't inspect a copy of what you just executed. I usually download the script and look at what it does first, to see where this unpackaged software installs to.

[1] twitter.com/hanno/status/11931

While we are at it: Please consider donating to support chaos.social. Due to the increased demand and declining donations, we are currently covering ~40%-50% of the instance costs ourselves. We're preparing a more detailed report.

Any donation via paypal.me/leahoswald, or bank transfer (ask @leah for details) would help a lot.

TIL that you can run a terminal inside a Vim buffer. Just execute :terminal and there you go.

Gerade ausprobiert: wer sich beim Deep Learning vertippt macht Depp Learning.

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