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NLNet @NGIZero has approved funding for #ForgeFed !

There are many potential tasks and related projects that haven't been taken by anyone yet. This is an amazing chance to get funded for working on an awesome free software and decentralized internet project!

ForgeFed work and funding plan:

If there's a task you'd like to grab/suggest/discuss, please comment here 🙂

Oh btw our first spec draft release is coming soon 😍😍😍


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@blipp @laufi is a GNU Social instance and only supports OStatus, not ActivityPub

Mastodon dropped OStatus support with v3.0.0 so you will not be able to follow accounts from there on any recent Mastodon server

GNU Social is working on building ActivityPub compatibility but itʼs not done yet afaik

When I go to I see recents posts by the FSF. That's on their instance. However, from within , the timeline seems outdated. What to do? Is this an incompatibility issue?

I got aware of @codeberg thanks to the Firefox Add-on by @booteille which redirects Youtube to and Twitter to Nitter instances.

I just discovered, a free-to-use and open-for-registration instance run by the German non-profit organisation e.V. – @codeberg is “dedicated to build and maintain supporting infrastructure for the creation, collection, dissemination, and archiving of Free and Open Source Software”. Nice Github and Gitlab alternative :)

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The fediverse is a public forum.

Your posts are only as secure as the admins of every instance that your home server federates with, in terms of private and followers-only messages.

If you're going to talk about sensitive information, keep it to Signal or other secure 1-on-1 channels.

Assume that everything you post to the fediverse, is being scooped up by multiple gov agencies around the world.

The Milan scrape was only notable because they made their findings public.

If a university scraping feeds did it, it's safe to assume other, bigger organizations have been doing it for much longer.

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UK has around 1/3 of total wind power installed in Europe, yet over the last day it was mostly burning gas at ~300 gCO2eq/kWh because... "installed" only works if there's wind. Compare to France at ~80 gCO2eq.

Hello World! 👋😃

@noybeu has launched today - a collaborative online wiki that allows you to find and share local decisions from throughout the EU in English. It also includes knowledge on GDPR Articles, DPAs and Countries!

RT from

18 years to go until January 2038.

Over ten years ago I created a more or less random appointment in my calendar for a day in January 2045. It survived system migration over the years and it always makes me smile when I see it pop up while syncing to a new device or when importing into a new calendar app. But I guess the iCalendar and CalDAV standards are not our biggest problem wrt the Y2038 problem.

See for example this recent story:

Today I found out about the addon for . It imported my giant address-book file without a blink and sync with seems to work fine. Refreshing ☺️

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until yesterday, you could only use Delta Chat on Android, Windows, macOS, and Linux. Since today, all major platforms are supported and you can also use Delta Chat on your iPhone :)

This video tutorial [1] and this cheat sheet [2] (and others linked on that site) helped me getting started with Spacemacs and org mode.


A new era has begun. I am using in , synced with my phone via to use there.

I did use Orgzly for a long while already without editing the files on my computer. Getting started with (Spac)emacs was the barrier.

Now I am replacing the Hamster time tracker with org's clocking feature.

Note to myself to train the following reflex: When finding a bug in an application, /first/ check what version you are running.

You might be using an old, not updated version. Frustrating to find out about that after spending almost an hour digging into code.

RT roeslpa from twitter

At a group of people will start to think about ideas how we as a research community (within the ) can reduce the impact on climate w/r/t how we conduct, organize, and publish our research. Join us on Thursday 12:45 during lunch in the back of the hall.

[...] we'll certainly set up a communication platform for future discussions and let you know. This meeting is only aimed to start a process and initiate a debate [...].

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Just watched Chris Adams talk at #36c3 about "Reducing Carbon in the Digital Realm" and found the attached slide very interesting.

It shows #Apple's #co2 #footprint in 2018 for its products and you can see that 79% is due to manufacturing and transportation - and only 19% for its actual use.

Try to keep this in mind next time you think about replacing your device with a new one - or to keep using your current device for a little bit longer.


TIL that the NewPipe app on Android can act as a frontend to Switch between different sources using the top left menu.

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@TeXhackse Oh wow, I didn't know that there is precompiling for LaTeX, thanks for the hint :) I'll look into it for my next document.

TIL Ohrringe taugen als "spitze Gegenstände" um den SIM-Karten-Slot eines Telefons aufzubekommen.

Ich habe jeweils einen Stapel Aufkleber „Rassistische Kackscheiße“ und „Sexistische Kackscheiße“ abzugeben. Lange Kante etwa 20 cm. Habe erstmal keine Verwendung mehr dafür, weil ich nicht mehr in Deutschland lebe. Mag die jemand beim geschenkt bekommen?

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