Haven't seen much progress in web browsers since Opera closed down - and here's something new ekioh.com/flow-browser/

@kravietz That's interesting, thanks! I spent some time on their website and read ekioh.com/blog/improving-html- : "The CPU intensive operation of laying text out in paragraphs is particularly suited to parallel execution. On a page of text, nothing in one paragraph affects the word wrapping of the others, just their vertical position."

Now I wonder if and could also benefit from such techniques. I feel like they are all single-threaded at the moment.

Might be difficult, since there is a bunch of operations optimizing the linebreaks as well as the pagebreaks and those rely on each other.

Generally the easiest way to speed up LaTeX is generating own format files to precompile the static part.


@TeXhackse Oh wow, I didn't know that there is precompiling for LaTeX, thanks for the hint :) I'll look into it for my next document.

Well LaTeX ist just TeX with some precompiled stuff. That's the whole magic about it. ;)

But it only makes sense when you compile quite often.

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