A new era has begun. I am using in , synced with my phone via to use there.

I did use Orgzly for a long while already without editing the files on my computer. Getting started with (Spac)emacs was the barrier.

Now I am replacing the Hamster time tracker with org's clocking feature.

This video tutorial [1] and this cheat sheet [2] (and others linked on that site) helped me getting started with Spacemacs and org mode.


@blipp I recently decided to do the same, just without using my phone. Its great isnt it.

With that said the one thing that bugs me is the need to manually sync your phone. If it used google drive or a similar service it could completely avoid this need. Its possible to setup yourself but I really wish it was a first-class citizen as far as features go.

@freemo I believe Orgzly installed from Google Play includes the possibility to sync via Dropbox directly. I have it installed via F-Droid though (and don't want to use Dropbox).

Nextcloud as a built-in possibility would be nice for the FOSS world. Maybe this will come at some point :) At the moment you can already connect to a Nextcloud via WebDAV directly from Orgzly.

Having said that, I like that Orgzly and Spacemacs interact via the org text files. That gives control to the user.

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