When I go to I see recents posts by the FSF. That's on their instance. However, from within , the timeline seems outdated. What to do? Is this an incompatibility issue?

@blipp the federation between istances sometimes doesn't work that well if only few people from your instance follow people in the other instance. If you start following them, it should improve over time.

@laufi Thanks for the explanation :)

What a shocking fact that not enough people on follow the 😳 Fellow citizens, please go follow!

@laufi Their handle doesn't get highlighted nor linked in my posts, do you know if that is due to the same reason?

@blipp @laufi is a GNU Social instance and only supports OStatus, not ActivityPub

Mastodon dropped OStatus support with v3.0.0 so you will not be able to follow accounts from there on any recent Mastodon server

GNU Social is working on building ActivityPub compatibility but itʼs not done yet afaik

@blipp @laufi (this would be why Mastodon is failing to fetch the account, not linkifying the handle, and not displaying recent posts [presumably since whenever your admin upgraded to v3.0.0 or greater])

@kibimon @laufi Oh that explains all the weird behaviours then. And the old posts are from the time before, when they were still able to talk. Thanks for explaining, @kibimon :)

@blipp Mastodon has dropped support of federating posts over OStatus protocol in their latest release. Your server probably doesn't know how to connect to FSF server any longer. Good news: GNU Social project is working to add ActivityPub protocol and, I've been told, some GNU Social servers already run AP in test mode.

@lightone Good to know it's already being tested. I'll be patient, then :)

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