I just presented our mechanised cryptographic proof of the VPN protocol at . Thanks @MarcoGuarnier1@twitter.com for sharing a picture! If you want to read more, our paper has been covered before on Twitter on twitter.com/bblipp/status/1118 and twitter.com/kaepora/status/111, and on Hacker News at news.ycombinator.com/item?id=1.

My photo for in on March 15th. I challenge you to . If you take a plane anyway, donate to for example @atmosfair@twitter.com to offset your emissions atmosfair.de/en/ . We must fund as much as possible. Yesterday I donated to Atmosfair to compensate all flights I did in my life: 6 flights return trip, I donated 94 Euro. Please do the same! @seatsixtyone@twitter.com is a resource of information for long-distance train journeys to replace flying.


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