Is there any recommandation for a specific Peertube instance for activism content? I see a high potential during the next weeks and don't want to see all the content on Youtube, where it might get deleted. Are there also other good livestreaming platforms than twitch, Youtube or Facebook? Peertube doesn't have this feature yet.

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Thanks to a friend today I found by accident. It's a peertube instance dedicated to anarchist content.

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@bodems In theory, I could provide the domain, if anyone was to set up an instance


For the safey of activists, please consider the following points:

* Peer to Peer connections is disabled for every account on this instance
* no peertube instances are followed which have peer to peer connections enabled.

Otherwise, activists may accidentially leak their IP address, making them targets for metadata analysis by evil external actors.

The reason i suggest this is, that at the moment there is no good way for persons viewing peertube videos to conciously decide if they care about their IP adress being leaked. So it should be the clients descicion to enable peer to peer or not.
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