"The data we collect is anonymous" claims Valve Hardware Survey offered to all Steam users.

The survey is not anonymous as it transmits PII, namely the full name of your local user account, which is very often equal to your full name. Not sure what their lawyers meant by this.

>This. If there is one thing we know about doge, it's that it's a stable store of value that is honored around the world. You can never go wrong investing in doge.

Twitter may pretend that they are doing something but it is still a neo-nazi shithole.

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Firefox now displays sponsored links in the URL bar.

This is not the kind of service I am not paying for!

A follow up on Github being down often: their fix was to remove the historical data from their status page so that you can't see how often it has been down during the last 90 days.

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Still crack up every time I think about this

Recommended way of installing calibre:

>Please do not use your distribution provided calibre package, as those are often buggy/outdated. Instead use the Binary install described below.

sudo -v && wget --no-check-certificate -nv -O- download.calibre-ebook.com/lin | sudo sh /dev/stdin

Source: calibre-ebook.com/download_lin

Github doesn't seem very reliable recently, does it? I wonder what is going on.

"so we kinda broke it, but not really, don't worry about it. also don't update manually, update automatically. oh you are on linux? no idea what that means then haha! why remove the addon? why not wait with the release? stop asking questions silly! well, good luck using our software!"

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Today is .
So here's the railway line that crosses the runway at Gisborne Airport in New Zealand; the tracks of the Palmerston North – Gisborne Line run straight across it. Here, train stops plane.


>Features like dark mode and saving your place in News Feed had no straightforward technical implementation.

html { background: #000; }

>Why start at version v1.20.0? To provide clarity. We do not anticipate APIv1 to ever reach v1.20.0, so the version number alone should be enough to unambiguously differentiate between APIv1 and APIv2.

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