I started up my flightradar project again. Hello there πŸ‘€

I had this drink yesterday, it is called The Hobbit apparently.

Reunited with the slightly battered LED rocket from CCC camp 😊

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Still crack up every time I think about this

Github doesn't seem very reliable recently, does it? I wonder what is going on.

"so we kinda broke it, but not really, don't worry about it. also don't update manually, update automatically. oh you are on linux? no idea what that means then haha! why remove the addon? why not wait with the release? stop asking questions silly! well, good luck using our software!"

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Today is .
So here's the railway line that crosses the runway at Gisborne Airport in New Zealand; the tracks of the Palmerston North – Gisborne Line run straight across it. Here, train stops plane.

A sudden fall in the number of flights detected by my ADS-B tracker. The horizontal axis represents the time, each data point is a single day.


"Anything to Say?" was in Brussels during , I am glad that I could see it!

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