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>Features like dark mode and saving your place in News Feed had no straightforward technical implementation.

html { background: #000; }

>Why start at version v1.20.0? To provide clarity. We do not anticipate APIv1 to ever reach v1.20.0, so the version number alone should be enough to unambiguously differentiate between APIv1 and APIv2.

It is incredible that in 2020 software developers are still not sure if the "Yes" button should be to the left or right of a "No" button in various dialog boxes.

A sudden fall in the number of flights detected by my ADS-B tracker. The horizontal axis represents the time, each data point is a single day.

"Anything to Say?" was in Brussels during , I am glad that I could see it!

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I think I may have underestimated the size of the flags a bit...

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