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* A hospital in a hot-spot used a different font from other hospitals to label X-rays. The model learned to predict that people whose X-rays used that font were sick

* Hospitals that didn't have access to PCR tests or couldn't integrate them with radiology data labeled X-rays based on a radiologist's conclusions, not test data, incorporating radiologist's idiosyncratic judgements into a "ground truth" about what covid looked like


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* Some Frankenstein sets had duplicate data, leading to models being tested on the same data they were trained on

* A data-set of health children's chest X-rays was used to train a model to spot healthy chests - instead it learned to spot children's chests

* One set mixed X-rays of supine and erect patients, without noting that only the sickest patients were X-rayed while lying down. The model learned to predict that people were sick if they were on their backs


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The second, "Common pitfalls and recommendations for using machine learning to detect and prognosticate for COVID-19 using chest radiographs and CT scans," comes from a team at Cambridge.

Both are summarized in an excellent MIT Tech Review article by Will Douglas Heaven, who discusses the role GIGO played in the universal failure of *any* of these models to produce useful results.


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Which brings me to the covid models raced into production during the height of the pandemic, hundreds of which have since been analyzed.

There's a pair of new, damning reports on these ML covid models. The first, "Data science and AI in the age of COVID-19" comes from the UK's Alan Turing Institute:


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Das Haecksenwerk ist da! In Folge 1 spricht @piko mit pecca wie sie sich Technik aneignet und kreativ selbst erschließt. Auch andere Haecksen sagen, was für sie Technik ist.

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"The world in 2050 & beyond ..." by Sir Martin Rees, Astronomer Royal

Public talk today at EAS meeting, streamed on YT at 7:30pm at

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There is no Camp. Wir müssen auseinanderhalten! Vom 10. bis 12. September 2021 #dC3 #thereisnocamp

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A difficult situation, but it's best parents know as soon as possible so they can develop coping plans and strategies.


(h/t @sng )

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Und ich kann Reaktionen a la „nicht alle Männer…“ echt nicht mehr hören. Darum gehts doch gar nicht. Es geht darum, dass ALLE Frauen, die ich kenne, dich mit so nem Mist rumschlagen mussten. ALLE. Ich wiederhole: ALLE.

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Normal person: "I have mood swings."
Physicist: "I’m a hormonic oscillator."

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Freenode IRC Migration: A thread.

In case you didn't keep up with the latest drama, the "crown prince" of Korea has wrestled control over Freenode IRC from its long time operators, and the call has been given to "Abandon Ship"

Now what. The Freenode staff have set up, and most channels are migrating to there. Hackint run by the same people as the CCC isn't a bad place to host a channel either.

Either case, if you own/run an IRC channel, its time to scuttle it. DO NOT drop registration of your nick or any channel. It can then be re-registered.

Step by step:

Step 1: password. If you are not using a strong random string as a password stored in password manager, now is the time. If you re-used that password, now is a good time to change that elsewhere. Yes, you should have done that from the start, but we now is a better time then never.

Step 2:
set user name flags with nickserv
/nickserv set enforce on
/nickserv set hidemail on
/nickserv set private on

Prevent any fuckery of scavengers trying to claim your nick.

Step 3:
remove access to everyone on the channel

/chanserv #CHAN access list
and then use
/chanserv #CHAN access del
to remove access to everyone but yourself, and perhaps a skeleton crew of admins. Do this for EVERY channel you have on freenode

Step 4: lock the channel down

/chanserv set #CHAN keeptopic on
get channel modes with
/mode in the the chan window
then add "m" to the modes with
/chanserv set #CHAN mlock +<modes including m>
/chanserv set #CHAN secure on

Step 5: Set the topic
/chanserv set #CHAN topic "Hi! We've moved to #CHAN See you there!". Add whatever instructions you need.

What this has done:

1. Made it harder to impersonate you
2. Made your channels read only so that only people with ops and voice can chat.
3. Now that that is done, removed all ops and voice except a skeleton crew so no one can actually chat
4. Set secure, to prevent people from getting around this
5. Instructions of where the chat has moved in the topic.

The reason for doing this is to police the stragglers of people just logging in and not caught up on the latest move. Its also to prevent the 4chan types who are being imported from claiming some sort of legitimacy via pseudo-legal fiction as they are known to do by stating the takeover never happened and crown prince was always owned of Freenode, and they always owned the channel.

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🏖 nice! prepare your virtuell chiller bot 🎈🚀


Gleich, ab 20:00 geht es los!

Den Anfang macht mit chilligen beach-Beats

Schaut vorbei!

#Homelounge #HomeloungeParty21


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Wogegen ich übrigens allergisch bin sind „Tipps“ von Männern, die einem raten, so was „einfach zu ignorieren“ und „drüber zu stehen“. So was ist Bestandteil toxischer Strukturen. So muss sich nämlich niemand ändern - bis auf mich 🤡. Habe Jahre gebraucht um das zu verstehen.

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Wir feiern eine Online Party!

Samstag 15.05 ab 20:00:

Chillt am Strand oder im Pool, genießt einen Tschunk beim Sonnenuntergang, trefft bekannte Wesen, lernt neue Lebensformen kennen, und wie immer: be excellent to each other.

CU on the beach


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Der für die ist eröffnet! Unter dem Motto: "Datenmeer" findet die vom 25.-31.10.2021 wieder online-only statt. Jetzt einreichen!

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Ca. 12/13 Prozent der Bevölkerung sind entweder zwei Mal geimpft oder genesen. Dazu liegt die Inzidenz noch immer über 100.
Ich hoffe, das wird bei all den Lockerungsdebatten nicht vergessen.
Es sind noch Wochen, oder Monate, bis der Scheiß vorbei ist. Bitte jetzt nicht verkacken

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Nachdem das zu Pandemiebeginn mit Moodle- und BBB-Setups die Kohlen aus dem digitalen Feuer der verschlafenen Schuldigitalisierung geholt hat, kündigt nun das Wissenschaftsministerium den Versorgungsvertrag:
Sorry, aber: 🤦

Oh es ist ja schon fast wieder März-Mai-Schwäche

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