I just discovered 😵‍💫 and may have been overusing it this last week. Thank you, whoever submitted it to the consortium!

As to where I'm off to – I will be focusing on UX/UI design and research for technical tools as a freelancer. So this is not a good-bye, just an "auf Wiedersehen"!

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Of course I will remain part of the Simply Secure community (email slack@simplysecure.org for an invitation!), and keep my role as a Maintainer of DOTS (decentpatterns.xyz), which will become an independent and open design project.

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Today is my last day at @simplysecureorg@twitter.com and it's filled with affection and gratitude. Thank you for four amazing years, it's been a real home for big ideas, weird experiments, and true solidarity. I'm so proud of what we built, and so excited about what's to come!

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@fil_ter@twitter.com @BVG_Kampagne@twitter.com Mein Punkt ist: die App weiß, wie oft ich (z.B pro Monat) gefahren bin. Warum rechnet die nicht aus, wie sich das am günstigsten in verschiedene Tickets umrechnet?

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June 14th everyone! 🙃

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@simplysecureorg@twitter.com I think you mean June!

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Join our ✨new✨ monthly assembly for Decentralization Off The Shelf! We meet to play around with patterns, ideas, and inspirations in decentralization (and beyond). Bring your questions! decentpatterns.xyz/assembly/

Retweet with a photo that proves you were a fashion icon in your youth

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Things I have to relearn after vaccination:
- how to make eye contact
- what’s an appropriate amount of arm-touching
- how to participate in speech that isn’t affected by lag

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I don't post about it often, but I have a side project called archives.design where I'm trying to organize design-related items from the @internetarchive@twitter.com into an easier to browse system for design studies 🤓🏛

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I just described @obsdmd@twitter.com as a local-first knowledge management tool combining features from wiki software, markdown parsers and customisable editors and I think I might be part of the 0.07% of the population that’s extremely vocal and giddy about this offer. Hence this tweet ✌️

Danke @prototypefund@twitter.com für die Gelegenheit, über meine Lieblingsthemen zu sprechen!

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Los geht es mit "Design für die vielen – wie Human-Centered Design Nutzer:innen in den Fokus rückt".
Wir haben mit Eileen Wagner (@bumble_blue_@twitter.com) von @simplysecureorg@twitter.com darüber gesprochen, was das Designprinzip für bereithalten kann: prototypefund.de/interview-hum

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Springtime for Hitler meets The Sound of Music. 🤯 China produces a musical set in Xinjiang. Even fiction about an authoritarian state's propaganda couldn't have made this up. I read this entire piece with my jaw on the floor. AFP via The Guardian: bit.ly/31OyhbK

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TMW two awesome people you worked with independently are collaborating as well 😍

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I've just added @suryamattu@twitter.com's "Blacklight Real Time Privacy Inspector" @themarkup@twitter.com to @noscript@twitter.com's "Security and Privacy Info" page (the one you can open by clicking any site label in the permissions UI). Coming next, inline integration with @firefox@twitter.com's own URL classification data.

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