When does `auth` mean authorization, when does it mean authentication? 🧐

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Few on UNIX* seem to know you can use GnuPG to encrypt any file, that it's not just for email. To strongly encrypt 'file.mp4' with a passphrase:

gpg --cipher-algo AES256 -c file.mp4

That'll give you a file.mp4.gpg to safely upload. To decrypt:

gpg -d file.mp4.gpg -o file.mp4

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Fifty years ago today, a 25 year old UCLA grad student named Steve Crocker published RFC-1, a document that tried to get down on paper various discussions happening around the ARPANET, a US military funded network that would go on to become the Internet.


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I’m in Calpe singing with a bunch of lovely people from SABS and getting weird ideas...

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According to the research, 38% of surveyed small restaurant in Taiwan broadcast CTi news, 41% TVBS. They are two of most biased news channels in Taiwan that are notoriously pro-China.

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I tried to write a more or less comprehensive guide to phishing, intended to provide accurate details to individuals at risk. It’s a work in progress, all feedback welcome. securitywithoutborders.org/res @swborders@twitter.com

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Here's a hack that lets you have private chats in walled gardens: Private Party, a browser extension that encrypts DMs on platforms like FB, Twitter, and obfuscates public posts. hackernoon.com/welcome-to-the-

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Hi, hello, did you miss yesterday's session on and the ? Don't worry, because you can still get involved! (1/5)

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Short thread: Today is Autism Awareness Day. Please take the time to learn from Autistic people.

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Hey ! Always wanted to know what @simplysecureorg@twitter.com is all about? Check out our Design Spots, short videos that answer your design questions! simplysecure.org/blog/intro-de

Jahr 2024—Der ⁦CCC⁩ entdeckt ein cleveres Backdoor im 5G Netz; persönliche und wirtschaftliche Daten von Millionen wurden geleakt.

Deutsche Regierung: Aber wir hatten diese No-Spy-Vereinbarung! Recht!! Ordnung!!!

Chinesische Regierung: 😂 golem.de/news/tkg-aenderung-re

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Das sind die möglichen Zukunftsvisionen, die die Bundesregierung für uns erwirtschaftet hat. @FridayForFuture@twitter.com @sciforfuture@twitter.com @RegSprecher@twitter.com @peteraltmaier@twitter.com @alxrdk@twitter.com

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Taiwan's newest political party, bound to be catastrophic competition in 2020.

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Reviving a hard drive from 2008 with no boot system 💪💪💪 (Thank you @CGSecurityOrg for the wonderful tooling!)

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