Last minute call: DM me for 2 x two-day tickets for

All these "10 wEbSiTes ThAt wiLL sAvE yOu $" posts, when all I want is a tax advisor that reads encrypted emails


As expected, Haribo keeps pushing the boundaries of typography with this !R ligature.


RIP it was great while it lasted

It’s not a pipe dream, not a mirage, not a false prophecy, we’re very serious: the German government will fund open source infrastructure starting this year already. Stay tuned for more.


It’s time to invest in open in the public interest. So here we go! The Sovereign Tech Fund will support developers and communities to sustainably strengthen the ecosystem


I am so proud for right now!


Professional news! On September 12 I'll be officially starting as President of I'm honored, I'm excited, and I can't think of anything more meaningful I could be doing with my time and energy.

Read a bit more about the role and my thinking here 👇


Ist „Bedienbarkeit“ ein besseres Wort für UX bzw. Usability? 🧐

Simplifying onboarding against all odds — unsurprisingly my favorite talk today!

"You know, that classic German brand, what was it again..."

Endlich ist es so weit! Herzlichen Glückwunsch 🎈


The is coming! Our heartfelt gratitude to so many people who supported this project along the way.
Special thanks to who helped us from the very beginning, for their thoughts and many many more.

Let's get this thing off the ground! 🚀


In true open source fashion, the Unicode consortium seems to think that more = better 🙃

So the possibility to register your bike in Berlin is a neat idea, if it weren’t for the asshole communication and the terrible graphic design. The seal is of course very hard to remove.

(photo: Bernd Friedel/Tagesspiegel)

If you need to work to distract yourself, I get it—I do it, too. But this is not a time to continue business as usual and pretend everything is okay. Everything is not okay.

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I’ve been cancelling work calls this week so people can take time to cope with this new geopolitical era in Europe. Some need to check on family and friends, some are involved in humanitarian aid, some just need a break to cry.

Wenn eine Behördenmitarbeiterin bei der Ablehnung eines Antrags “ES IST DEUTSCHLAND HIER” zu einer Person mit Migrationshintergrund sagt, würdet ihr das rassistisch interpretieren oder eher als deprimierendes Selbstbild von Bürokratien verstehen?

Are there any Copic Marker opinions here? Currently trying to decide between the CG, NG, and TG sets.

Was für ein schönes Weihnachtsgeschenk: Der wird Wirklichkeit!


Wir gehen den an! hat gezeigt: nachhaltig abgesicherte u verlässliche -Lösungen sind die Grundlage für digitale Souveränität u Innovationskraft der deutschen Wirtschaft. Wir werden daher ab 2022 Open-Source Basistechnologien fördern


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