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I love a good joke but I try not to be a jerk. Lemme know if I am at any point.

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Real Life is basically The Matrix, except when you take the red pill, Morpheus laughs at you and Trinity says, "They thought they could escape, hahaha!"

the US public education system is terrible

no matter how much money is thrown at it, it is not designed to produce critical thinkers, but rather, obedient workers

drop out of school and teach yourself

libraries are free or nearly so

idea: the tide pod challenge, except you feed the tide pods to conservatives and instead of tide pods it is arsenic

If people can't be trusted to rule themselves, they certainly can't be trusted to rule others.

Instead of inanely repeating the old formula, "Respect the law," we say, "Despise law and all its attributes!"
-- Peter Kropotkin

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Our Enemies in Blue 

hating women isn’t a psychiatric problem folks.

incels don’t (inherently) need therapy. implying so is harmful.

websites that are non-compliant to usability standards should be de-prioritized in google search

also, this teeters on the edge of censorship, so google needs to be nationalized and placed under democratic command of the people


my plan re: incel rebellion or whatever they're calling it

arm and organize women for collective self defense

#Beware #Springfieldmo #providers there’s a dirty cop going around finding providers and trying to be their pimp. If you decline he keeps threatening you or arrests you. He’s got more than one number I found out this evening.

PLEASE BOOST and stay safe!

me to the right-wing: nobody wants to seize your toothbrush for the people

me to other leftists: okay, what is the plan to seize Rush's toothbrush this time?

Hey fuckers, guess who just arrived in the squat

I just wanted social chaos but got confused and ended up on

All of leftist theory can be summed up in a single sentence: Choke-slam a diaperclad Charlie Kirk through a folding table and into a toilet, whereupon he is given an eternal swirly.

"Nothing guarantees that the fascist option won’t be preferred to revolution.

We’ll do what there is to be done.

Thinking, attacking, building—such is our fabulous agenda."

To friends, to comrades, to fires, to love and new ways of being in the world :anarchism:

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