Danke an die voctocat

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We are back online - and will never be able to thank the Chaos Computer Club enough for that.
Come back to https://streaming.media.ccc.de/revision/revision and finish the 64k-Intro Compo together with us.!!

馃惁馃敆: https://twitter.com/revision_party/status/1378432381007376384

re: :birdsite: 

@Venty ZUM GL脺CK!!!
was f盲llt twitch da eigentlich ein..

re: :birdsite: 

@absturztaube Tja. Also f眉r die Mountainbytes sollte man das grad proaktiv beim @c3WOC machen. Also C3VOC, mein ich. Aber Waffeln k枚nnte man schon auch.

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