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Ich freue mich sehr über die ganzen Anfragen zu Software-Accessibility, die ich neuerdings bekomme, und ich beantworte die auch gerne, aber: Wenn ihr ein Unternehmen seid oder eins repräsentiert, denkt mal darüber nach, Leute für sowas einzustellen und/oder zu bezahlen ;)

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Starting now you can watch videos in media.ccc.de with subtitles. Also you can download them via media.
Thanks to the @c3voc@twitter.com for implementing this feature.

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I'm starting to think through a comprehensive write-up of my workshop (as at , , & @emfcamp@twitter.com): how to do it, what not to do, why, standard spiels, etc.

If you have questions or observations you think may be good to address, please let me know. @c3blind@twitter.com

[DE] Der Initiator von c3blind, @nwng_@twitter.com, war in den @HobbyQS@twitter.com-Podcast eingeladen, um über den Congress aus Sicht einer sehbehinderten Person zu sprechen. Die Aufzeichnung ist jetzt online und wir freuen uns, wenn ihr mal reinhört :)


[EN] c3blind's initiator, @nwng_@twitter.com, was invited to speak about blind perspectives in a at and about ! It's live now, so tune in if you're able to understand spoken German!


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Dear visitors of , please do not forget to request your lost items. We'll start shipping your lost items this week. events.ccc.de/congress/2019/wi

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Subtitles: Bring a little bit of to your home and help with improving quality and accessibility of the CCC recordings! events.ccc.de/2020/01/03/call-

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Zum gab es Neuerungen in den Sälen Ada, Borg, Clarke, Dijkstra und Eliza. Darunter Hörschleifen Bereiche, reservierte Plätze für Menschen mit Sehschwäche sowie erweiterte Rollstuhlbereiche

Ihr habt Feedback dazu? Teilt es uns mit! /co

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The had a few alterations in the lecture halls Ada, Borg, Clarke, Dijkstra und Eliza. Amongst them induction hearing loop areas, extended wheelchair areas and reserved seats for visually impaired creatures.

Feel free to share your experiences and feedback with us! /co

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Hey : I heard from orga today that the Messe owners are on board with keeping the North markers, more permanently installed. Thank you for helping improve access for everyone who comes after us.

I hope that there'll be sightings of them in other hackerspace cities too. 😉💚

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You want to share your feedback or constructive suggestions? Feel free to share them in the congress wiki


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Ihr habt Feedback oder konstruktive Anregungen zum ? Dann könnt ihr diese gerne im Congress Wiki unter Feedback einbringen


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@Bleeptrack@twitter.com @blinry@twitter.com Blind-accessibility of Congress went to completely new dimensions this year with North Markers and tactile maps - and we've kicked off an entirely new community around blindness and visual impairment at .

If you have any suggestions for or any other Chaos event in the future towards @c3blind@twitter.com: Now is the ideal time to let us know! already saw great improvements for us, but we can do even more!

is now over. We hope you all had a wonderful time in Leipzig. See you again next year and get home safely!

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I would like to say Thank you on behalf of @c3blind to @C3LOC@twitter.activitypub.actor, @c3himmel and all the other helpers, fans but especially to all the awesome players for great game! I am very excited about how many of you came and try something different.

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Ahoy Rollstuhlfahrende auf dem . Das Geisterhaus in Halle 3 wir morgen von 15:00Uhr bis 16:00Uhr für uns befahrbar sein. Schaut dort vorbei, es lohnt sich! Gern RT!

[EN] We need your help NOW for buildup in the glass hall! We are located on the rear left (north east)

[DE] Wir brauchen JETZT eure Hilfe in der Glashalle! Hinten, oben links :) Bis gleich

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