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@Bleeptrack@twitter.com @blinry@twitter.com Blind-accessibility of Congress went to completely new dimensions this year with North Markers and tactile maps - and we've kicked off an entirely new community around blindness and visual impairment at .

There is a prototype of a tactile map of the venue located at @c3infodesk@twitter.activitypub.actor! Give it a visit ;)

We are building a court @ ! @saizai@twitter.activitypub.actor

Buildup has now started for us as well! However, we'll need one or two helping hands, so please come over if you have some spare time!

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Dear : we have had overwhelming response to this.

That is super awesome! However, it's starting to DDOS our friends at @c3logistic@twitter.activitypub.actor.

Please deliver the North coins directly to the box at the Heaven desk for distribution & installation, NOT to LOC. Thanks! @foosel@twitter.activitypub.actor @c3blind@twitter.activitypub.actor twitter.com/foosel/status/1209

[DE] Finde uns auf dem : Vom Haupteingang an der Glashalle startend, geh' an der Kasse vorbei und nutze die hinteren (Roll-)Treppen. Halte dich dann rechts und du stehst vor unserem Assembly mit @c3seidenstrasse@twitter.activitypub.actor Endpunkt.

[EN] How to find us at : Coming from the main glass hall entrance, pass by the cashdesk, take either rear staircase or escalator and then stick to the right. We're located directly at the entrance of exhibition hall 3 with a @c3seidenstrasse@twitter.activitypub.actor endpoint.


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