Do we need to tell you that we are translating all talks at DiVOC – Bridging Bubbles from German to English? Watch at and change the player from Native to Translated (next to the volume control). Feedback welcome 🙂

läuft, wir sind dabei! Wie üblich möchten wir alle Talks nach Deutsch oder Englisch dolmetschen, nach Bedarf. Schaltet den Stream-Player auf unseren Ton oder verwendet Das Team ist klein, deshalb sorry für eventuelle Ausfälle.

is on, and so are we! As usual we’re hoping to translate every talk into English or German as necessary, Switch to our audio in the stream player or visit It’s a small (but dedicated) team so please excuse any dropouts.

Day 3 of has started. All talks are in German, and we’re providing English interpretation for each one. Schedule: Stream: Mute the stream and get English audio from @dic3voc

Sorry for neglecting the Fediverse yesterday, and there won’t be much coverage on any social media platforn from us today. But we’re continuing to interpret @dic3voc into English / Wir dolmetschen weiterhin nach Deutsch. / Get the video stream on and our audio from

Then at 19:00 it’s RFguy introducing user-defined software development at WomoLIN, a project for camper vans and other uses. LuKaRo and pharmafirma will interpret into English. → or switch on (Chromium)

The next talk at is starbug asking “What next, facial recognition?” and pharmafirma and Teal will give you the English rendition. 18:00 → or switch on (Chromium)

Next on at : OpenPGP-encrypted e-mails in Python. Interpreted into English by sebalis and @stb. → or switch on (Chromium)

On you can now directly switch to our translation in the video player if your browser is Chromium-based. Click on “untranslated” to switch audio to “translated 1” or “translated 2”.

“Music for Hackers: SuperCollider” is the last talk tonight, and despite the English title it’s in German. But you can get it in English from us, thanks to celeste and Teal. Audio →

So, liebes -Publikum, die nächsten beiden Talks (21:00, 22:00) sind ja auf Englisch. Wir übersetzen sie ins Deutsche für euch: Audio auf – exklusiv bei uns mit negativer Latenz!

La conférence « Pas de PoC ? Pas de fix ! Une bien triste anecdote sur la sécurité du bluetooth » à 22:00 par Jan Ruge sera traduite en Français ! Rdv sur

La conférence « À la chasse aux œufs dans le générateur de nombres aléatoires des puces Bluetooth de Broadcom » par jiska à 21:00 sera traduite en Français ! Rdv sur /

at 19:00 CEST: A short glimpse into .git – by Florian who is also part of our team! He can’t interpret himself though so stb and Teal will do that for him. →

at 18:00 CEST: Rhetorical self-sabotage – what actually happens when we speak. To be interpreted by stb (who did a lot of work behind the scenes!) and celeste. →

As usual we’re watching for your feedback, or just write to this account.

Now on : Pitfalls of anonymisation, using students rating teachers on an online platform as an example. Interpreted into English for you by pharmafirma and lukaro. Listen at

Yes, there will be a Chaos event this Saturday and Sunday, and yes, it will be translated! Opening at 15:30 CEST. The original language will be German – we will provide some interpretation into English and more.

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So we translated 107 talks into German, 77 into English, 59 into French, 23 into Spanish, 14 into Russian, 8 into Polish, and the most frequent question for @c3lingo seems to be “Where can I find Security Nightmares in Swabian”. I think we’ve misunderstood our audience.

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Wir übersetzen *alle* Talks in den fünf Sälen von EN nach DE bzw. von DE nach EN. Außerdem übersetzen wir viele Talks von ihrer jeweiligen Sprache (EN oder DE) in Sprachen wie FR, ES, RU, PL, … Seit einigen Jahren halten wir dieses Service-Level. #c3t #36c3


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