@ynnx Nicht unser Thema eigentlich. Sind die anderen Aufzeichnungen von Chaos West denn online? Und was sagen @c3voc und @marudor dazu?

You can retreive your servers from Colo now. Please try to fetch them until 16:00.

We'll offer a small number of QSFP ports to you if you have a interesting use case and can actually make use of more than 10Gbps.

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Spammy services like pixelflut: Please consider dropping traffic from the Wifi ranges as mentioned in the Wiki.

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We'll have more racks this year. Bring mounting rails.

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If you need to configure IPv4 at home and SLAAC won't be enough, you can get an IPv4 before congress. See the Wiki.

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We'll have a small gift for anyone bringing their server up really fast.

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We're going through all Datenklos every two hours, disconnecting your cables as described here: events.ccc.de/camp/2019/wiki/S

@LuKaRo @c3noc Ja, hübsch. Es freut uns, dass wir dir eine Freude machen konnten. 🏳️‍🌈

The "35C3 WiFi setup" app for Android is also available through F-Droid, using a separate repository maintained by F-Droid developer @Bubu (the main repository isn't agile enough to keep up with the chaotic demands of the congress). Find the repo here:


It also contains the Schedule app and c3nav.
Thanks to everyone involved!

@fdroidorg Okay, sounds reasonable.

Thank you for all the work!

@fdroidorg Why are the apps not contained in the "normal" f-droid repository?

@rixx Wir können das doch sicher über Switchmanagement steuern 😉

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