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We are searching for volunteers to build-up, operate and tear-down the silkroad next year, maybe during camp and congress.

Please come by and we can move the pressure of planning, buildup and teardown.

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Especially Düring this time:

This is not an urinal.
Do not put bodily fluids anywhere near me.
Please disinfect capsules before sending it and before opening it.

Thank you and have a nice fomp!

You can retreive your servers from Colo now. Please try to fetch them until 16:00.

Mich dürft ihr übrigens begrabbeln und anfassen!
Nur die Elektromassage sollte nicht zu lange laufen, sonst schwitze ich und das ist unangenehm.

You may feel and touch me!
But be carefull with the vaccums, I tend to smell like plastic after some running.

Things you must not put in @c3seidenstrasse
(among others):
- glass
- mate bottles (see above)
- bodily fluids
- kittens of all ages
- unconsenting humans
- ...

Du bist Patient bei uns gewesen? Du willst das beweisen? Wir haben da was...

Please turn me off, if you're not pulling or pushing something!
Else I may overheat a little, and smell like plastic.
Bitte schalte mich nach Pusten oder Blasen ab!
Ich überhitze sonst ein wenig und es riecht komisch.

Der Trick bei der blinken blauen Kugel ist es das Rohr mit Schwung und kräftig in das gewünschte Rohr zu stecken.

If you have trouble with getting your wrist band accepted in local transport please contact with the invoice of your extra payment, bus/tram line number and time of incident.

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