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We are searching for volunteers to build-up, operate and tear-down the silkroad next year, maybe during camp and congress.

Please come by and we can move the pressure of planning, buildup and teardown.

Wenn du es nicht zum nach Leipzig schaffst, aber auch nicht alleine Streams anschauen willst: Es gibt Congress Everywhere, vielleicht auch in deiner Nähe! Oder organisier etwas selber und trag es ein.

Wir möchten die Sandbox wieder im Kidspace haben, aber dafür brauchen wir Unterstützung.

Was wir haben:
√ Sandbox, Sand
√ Kinect
√ Beamer

Was fehlt:
[ ] Rechner mit starker Grafikkarte
[ ] Mensch der alles zusammenbaut

Wer macht mit?

Hey, hey, hey, hey!

If you like to help with putting yellow pipe on the ceiling be at Messe Leipzig at 18.12. to 23.12.
(I don't know yet if this will also be angel hours.)

You may even help buildup for if you don't want to help with .

We are happy to announce that there are only 23 Days left until #36C3!

We are happy to announce that there are only 24 Days left until #36C3!

We will fump you together with and some Waffles.

Hey @c3WOC we will soon be in a Halle near you.

Es gibt gemunkel, dass es möglich sein wird, Waffeln zu saugblasen.

which one has the worst dialogue

We are happy to announce that there are only 43 Days left until #36C3!

We @haecksen are preparing for a next round of women in IT stamps for #36C3.
Should we present groups women this time? We thought of Pickering's Harem, Colossus Code Breaker and ENIAC Girls so far. Maybe Stephanie "Steve" Shirley's FI company. (Though we haven't done much research on them yet.) I would be nice to have five new stamps like last time.
Can you think of any other women groups? Maybe even from outside the UK/US?

#womeninIT #womeninSTEM #Mastoart #ccc @ChaosPost @digitalcourage

There is a flag order going on, thanks to @Cheatha and @psy

Ordering before the 17th of november, pickup at (other options available).

Available designs are based on the logo (sterntastatur) the 'chaosknoten' and 'Pesthörnchen' (the german post/skull mockup)

Prices between 15-20 euro.

Wer am Datenverkehr teilnimmt hat sich so zu verhalten, dass kein Anderer geschädigt, gefährdet oder mehr, als nach den Umständen unvermeidbar, behindert oder belästigt wird.
(§1(2) Datenverkehrsordnung)

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