To get the silkroad rolling at we need help, especially, with the build-up, but also for the tear down.

You should not fear height for this.

@c3seidenstrasse cool! I'm (just) old enough to remember these being used in stores to take away the cash (for security), and I think they are still used in the hospital round here for delivering medications from the pharmacy..

@vfrmedia We have seen those working in stores a lot and they are still in use in most stores where we see them applied.

But beware our system and theirs are incompatible with eachother.

@c3seidenstrasse Is there any kind of automatic routing for that thing, or is it just human-in-the-loop? :)

@tomas We tried some automatic routing at and will try it again this year, if we get the soft- and hardware up and running.:) (Will be tinkering with that the whole congress, though.)

At we had the routing working smoothly but it only worked on two routes since one router broke down.

@tomas We wanted to have a system to make routing automated just by typing in the output of the tubes into a pad at every station, but didn't get that to work in time.

But, take a look at the Twitter search for it:

and at the infrastructure review:

@c3seidenstrasse Ich komme am 26. früh morgens (lies: nachts) an. Braucht ihr dann noch Buildup-Hilfe, oder hat sich das bis dahin erledigt? :)

@webmind Are you there next week for buildup, too?
We could one or two hands, you may want to head over to
And throw yourself in. :)

@c3seidenstrasse done, I'll be there from the 19th. I'll have to see how it matches my other duties as well.

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