To get the silkroad rolling at we need help, especially, with the build-up and for the tear-down.

You should not fear height for this.
And this is what the Seidenstrasse will stand or fall with.

@alm10965 It's a vaccuum cleaner powered tube mail system which makes use of lots of non-perforated drainage pipe (100mm diameter) gives some spec also theres some video footage from past congresses. The height makes it difficult to buildup in Leipzig.

There should be some more footage in the recommendations here:

Vor allem is die Youtube Wiedergabe bei mir gelegentlich Werbeverseucht, trotz #Blockada

@sebastian @c3seidenstrasse

Gibt es irgendwie für Android aber, hab eben keine Kapazität frei, schaff es noch nicht mal, einen Urlaubsantrag auszufüllen. Aber 2 Katzenklos und ein Kanne Darjeeling habe ich erledigt
@sebastian @c3seidenstrasse

@c3seidenstrasse I like heights. :)

How do I get involved? Will this be a special shift type in the Engelsystem?

@phryk As of now this is not an angelshift, but you need to have had a special course to have the permission to drive these lifters in an companys environment (which the Congress is, since it's held by the CCCV GmbH).

@c3seidenstrasse when is buildup planned? I'll probably be there 21-23,26 but also involved in @freifunk assembly setup. Used to mounting/climbing antenna masts and worked with cherry pickers a few times at other events.

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