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Hey! Hey! Hey!

ssst, Klonk.

You may have heard that congress ends tomorrow if you are allowed to operate these Hubsteiger-things, you can help to tear them down, after all assemblies and structures are removed.

We won't be able to assist, so please get to us tonight or tomorrow for details!

Nein, Scooter sind nicht frei verfügbar, die gehören Wesen.

(Wie auch die Dinge, die auf Tischen und nicht in free-stuff-Kisten liegen.)


If you have a multimeter or something similar and like to help us get some motors going, drop it at our Assembly in Hall 2 / Komona North.

If you got some rolls of Gaffa-tape, we gladly take them!

Don't worry, we're working on making transport a little easier.
Using electronics and software makes things just take longer. is now more responsive to smaller screens and it's colors are taken from this years designguide.

Also I understood how @media (){} works.

Ein schöner Bericht über einen Rohrposthersteller:
Flotte Büchse - die Aerocom-Rohrpost | Made in Südwest
#seidenstrasse #35c3

Main buildup will be in beginning and during next week, so throw yourself into the rocket!

We are very excited for buildup next week! 

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