This should be our last post about our sticker exchange, but we wanted to let you know what we did with all the stamps on your mail ;)

Happy new year everyone!

Mission accomplished! We mailed all envelopes we got before December 12th 😃
We will take care of the few that arrived 1-2 days after the deadline later - for now our sticker packing team will sign off for a well-deserved break.

Enjoy your stickers and 💜

Thanks Tim! But we’d like to remind everyone that credit for the stickers goes to the people who made them and sent them to us 😉
We’re just distributing!
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Sticker des Tages. Danke @c3stoc.

Jeah, the stickers from @c3stoc arrived today. Thank you very much for your effort and everyone who participated. ❤️
Of course I will not open it until .

And just to clarify: No envelope gets licked during this process! ;)

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We’re working hard on filling your return envelopes with stickers. Tomorrow we will ship the first batch, and the following ones hopefully soon after that. Some international mail is already on its way to you!

Of course: please don’t send us stickers and envelopes! After we will hopefully be able to get back to normal ccc events and we’ll make sure there are tons of sticker boxes for you to fill 💜

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Today is the deadline for our sticker exchange and we have reached a total of 827 participants \o/
Now it’s time for us to pack tons of stickers for you all!

We’re in touch with the person now - thanks for retweeting :)

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Someone sent us 10 of those - if that’s you, please get in touch to tell us what they are!

Sending stickers today when we said we need them by tomorrow is the equivalent of running into a store while the employee is trying to close the blinds after a long day of work. Please don’t be that person 😉

523 envelopes! Wow, that's to much more enthusiasm for our little project than we expected 🥰

"Kompaktbrief" is good, "Großbrief" works too if you want more stickers 😉
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Ein „Kompaktbrief“ sollte sich von den Maßen und dem erlaubten Gewicht her am besten dazu eignen

We can handle more, so don't forget to send us your envelope (and stickers!!!) 😃 And if you want to participate too, read instructions here and make sure your mail arrives in our postbox on December 12th, latest!

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We got more than 150 envelopes, several boxes of stickers and there’s still more coming \o/ You people are awesome 🤩

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