We just dumped a whole bunch of stickers on the table near the infodesk 😃

Among others we still have stickers from @NOYBeu, @nixos_org, @c3lingo, @HaecksenC, @Nextclouders, @Coffeebots1, @fdroidorg, @prototypefund, @fsfe @shiromarieke, and @Frank_Juston’s @HonkHase stickers!

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Our bag for the is packed \o/

As promised we are bringing lots of leftover stickers from our last mail sticker exchange 😃 ✨

We loved mailing stickers but we have to admit we can’t wait to finally see a sticker box IRL again 🎉

I have finally found time to upload the stickers I sent out through @c3stoc for (and a bonus one I made more recently!)

You can find the .svg and .pdf files here and are welcome to print your own 😀

Someone is asking if we can help them find an svg file for this sticker - who has it? 😃
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Neuer Laptop - Zu wenige Sticker

Hatte die Phase für die @c3stoc Sticker leider um einen Tag verpasst. Hat jemand Empfehlungen/Tipps wie man außer beim Congress noch an Sticker kommt?
Von mir aus auch kostenpflichtig für coole Bundles oder so.

‼️⚠️ A fake twitter account (with two c at the end of the handle) is trying to scam sticker exchange participants.

We do NOT ask anyone to send us money. All costs for the operation were covered by generous donations from the community.

The fake account has been reported.

Now let’s hope the post delivers your stickers in time for 🤞

See you then in the digital world - or next year, hopefully in person and with real sticker boxes ✨

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FYI - those stamps caused us quite a headache as they don’t indicate how much weight has been paid for and until when they are valid. We ended up solving the issue by putting stamps on all of them as it was the most efficient way to deal with them. Don’t be surprised ;)

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We need to catch up on sleep first but we will be back soon with a post to tell you a bit more about what we did, how we did it and what we learned 😃

Also, we will deal with a few more envelopes who needed extra care (missing info, wrong stamps, etc) later this week.

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Mission accomplished \o/

We spent the last 4 days sorting, packing and stamping and were able to bring ~850 envelopes to the post office this afternoon!

Thank you for participating, thank you to our volunteers for your commitment and thanks @cbase for hosting us 🤗

We got mail about a little girl who is sad because she can’t transfer the stickers from her old laptop on her new one 😿
Also heard she likes unicorns 🦄

We had to add some role models in her envelope for good measure 😃

Please don’t send us envelopes anymore. If it comes late you won’t get stickers and we will have to spend time going back and forth to the postbox. We are volunteers and happy to offer this service but can’t spend extra time for people who are late. Thanks <3

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Please don’t send us envelopes anymore. If it comes late you won’t get stickers and we will have to spend a lot of time going back and forth to the postbox to empty it. We are volunteers and happy to offer this service but can’t spend X extra hours dealing with the mail of people who sent it after the deadline. Thanks <3

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Ich packe meinen Koffer und ich nehme mit: ein paar hunderttausend Sticker 😱 @c3stoc

Short update one day after the deadline: We have received 809 envelopes and more stickers than we could have dreamt of 🤩

We will be packing stickers in envelopes tomorrow and during the weekend, if everything goes well you should have your stickers in time for

As we need to have everything for the Sticker Operation Center by tomorrow, we are now asking you to not send envelopes or stickers anymore! They would arrive too late anyway 😉

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