Hello ! We're the Sticker Operations Center, or STOC, and we are here to re-decentralize the sticker exchanges at Congress.

Ping us here if you want to help!


At , we ended up with one huge sticker table, which resulted in long queues. This is centralization. We don't like that. So we decided to make sure that this year, we'll have many sticker boxes, at different places, which will all have great stickers. Yes, we have a plan.

Stay tuned for more infos - and if your assembly wants to have its own sticker box, please get in touch!

@c3stoc We, as in @stratum0 , will probably bring our own box like all the years before and I don't think anybody of us will mind being in the "official network" of sticker boxes.

@mist @stratum0 That's exactly what we're looking for! Boxes that we can communicate to the map and get fed with nice stickers :) We''ll get in touch when it's time to locate all boxes for the map, ok?

@sandzwerg @west \o/ We'll get in touch with you when we're reaching out to all the assemblies who want to have a box, ok?

@c3stoc to get a decentralized sticker exchange a bunch of people have come together (centralization).

@txt_file See it like mastodon. Many servers = many sticker boxes, as opposed to twitter = one sticker box. We're like ActivityPub for mastodon, making sure all boxes get content from all sources :)

@txt_file We're federating the many decentralized sticker boxes \o/

@c3stoc :-)

Always think of the differences between centrelized, federated and meshed. The word 'decentralized' is kind of difficult.

@txt_file We're going for the word that most people understand here. It makes it clear enough. If you want to start a discussion about the differences between those terms, we won't part of it. We're trying to fix a problem here.

@c3stoc That's okay. I wish you good luck with the project.

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