Good morning ! The Sticker Operation Center is in full swing - don’t forget to drop your stickers at @c3postoffice, they will be distributed in 14 exchange boxes in the whole building! Here’s a list of the boxes we deliver to, and where to find them ⬇️

Most of you people probably already found the very bright ChaosZone box in Hall 2

You will find the @cbase sticker exchange box standing on a barrel of “nuclear waste” in hall 2

If you’re into hardware hacking, you can gab some stickers at the hardware hacking assembly in hall 2

Or just around the corner from the hardware hacking assembly, visit the fireplace in hall 2


Moving on to hall 3: the Spline assembly has a box near the entrance of the hall

Also in hall 3: visit the assembly to get some (more) stickers

Very close to our sticker drop point at Chaos Post: the @ChaosWildWest infodesk box in hall 3

Easy to find: look for the lighthouse in hall 3 to find the MoiN sticker box

In CCL: you will find the about:freedom behind the couches in their lounge

Want your stickers with a cup of tea on the side? The tea house is there for you in CCL, first floor

And finally : of course hard working angels deserve their own sticker box in @c3himmel 💜

You can find all these boxes on @c3nav - and of course keep your eyes open for the other awesome sticker exchange boxes that appeared spontaneously all over the place 😃

To finish this thread, here’s a reminder: STICKERS BELONG ON YOUR OWN THINGS. Angels have enough work, don’t make their life harder 💜

@c3stoc Sticker kann man nie genug haben... schade, dass ich nicht vor Ort bin.

@c3stoc New Stickers arrived. We now have a ton of stickers!

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