We just got a Twitter account to reach more people. It is twitter.com/c3csoc. Please follow and retweet us there if you are on Twitter :) c3sustainability is too long for a Twitter username, that's why we chose c3csoc in the end. We might eventually change the name of this account as well.

Could someone still around on the site in Leipzig send us some pictures of the official type-segmented trash cans? This might help us in the future to design additional trash cans for waste separation in a similar design to prevent confusion. Thanks in advance :)

At least 7 discussion meetups about took place during . We are excited to announce one of the results: a new orga team @c3sustainability formed, to work towards and -neutral CCC events (camp, congress, regional events). We want to work out effective and practicable measures and suggest them to existing orga teams to improve current practices. Do you want to get involved? We can use your ideas and support! Check out hacc.uber.space/c3sustainabili


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