At least 7 discussion meetups about took place during . We are excited to announce one of the results: a new orga team @c3sustainability formed, to work towards and -neutral CCC events (camp, congress, regional events). We want to work out effective and practicable measures and suggest them to existing orga teams to improve current practices. Do you want to get involved? We can use your ideas and support! Check out

@c3sustainability I'm part of c3noc, and have an interest im this. However, anything involving changing hardware is complicated.

Could you contact the *OCs and Orgas early in the year to discuss what your long term goals are? We can keep those in mind during our planning.

@phessler @c3sustainability we already have. The condition is not to cause work for any people already involved in congress, so don't worry, we will take care of what has to be done and won't interfere with your awesome work. :)
However we are open if you want to change something.

@yolo @phessler @c3sustainability I think "interfering" in general is ok because it does not necessarily "causing extra work for other people". But if for example you wanted to replace the angel water that is currently in plastic bottles with (filtered) tap water and reusable bottles, you would have to talk to the BOC and coordinate with them so they don't buy the bottled water again and let you operate the alternative system instead. (just an example)

@zalandocalrissian @yolo @c3sustainability right, but one example for the NOC: something like "change to a more power efficient vendor" will cause 2-3 months of work to learn their system, and changing our configurations to work with their system. And that vendor may not want to loan us their equipment in the first place.

We have some subtleties that complicate this, which was my point for asking to get involved with early.

@c3sustainability Cool that we have a Mastodon account now! I am interested in taking part at an upcoming tele conference.

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