Remember The Juice Media and their awesome video about internet freedom, featuring George (T)Orwell? You might enjoy this recent one about the climate crisis that calls you to join the upcoming demonstrations!

TW: strong language

Everybody please go and join the Sept 20-27 and Oct 7-18


Here is the older video mentioned in the previous tweet, featuring George (T)Orwell, TOR, and Signal:

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@c3sustainability its basically a signal commercial not sure if i want to agree to use that.

@zem This was just to give the reference because I feel like people in the CCC community might know this channel from this video. I agree that Signal is not suited best for everyone or every use case.

Also, what exactly do you mean by "[...] not sure if I want to agree to use that", more precisely, what is the "that" in your message? The video, Signal?

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