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Icelandic memorial warns future: ‘Only you know if we saved glaciers’

The first of #Iceland’s 400 glaciers to be lost to the #ClimateCrisis will be remembered with a memorial plaque – and a sombre warning for the future – to be unveiled by scientists and local people next month.

The former Okjökull glacier, which a century ago covered 15km2 of mountainside in western Iceland, 50m thick, has shrunk to barely 1km2 of ice less than 15m deep and lost its status...


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It's something we have to practice all through life.

Did you know that does not pay any tax on the fuel they use? It's totally unfair and damaging the .

If you are an European Citizen sign this to change it!

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At a friend's place there are Pringles, so I checked whether they still had milk products. Not anymore (at least some flavours), and explicitly !

I see a lot of changes recently, quite happy about that!

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#Manyverse is an Android app for the #Scuttlebutt social network.

Scuttlebutt works differently to other social networks, it has no servers and your personal data is stored on your device. (Scuttlebutt and Manyverse are of course free and open software too! 👍 )

It's still slightly tricky to use, but Manyverse is trying to make it easier. You can find out more at:

and follow them on the Fediverse at:


with the lead developer at:



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America’s Obsession With Oat Milk Is Hurting the Dairy Industry

"Your oat milk obsession is hurting America’s dairy industry, you monsters."

Btw, is part of Vox Media, with such sites as The Verge (unreliable, biased tech site), Polygon (shitty gaming website). At this point they should just rename themselves to "meater". :/

I hope we can hurt them even more around the world.

#MilkIndustry #OatMilk #PlantMilk #Veganism #vegan

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I have heard a lot of people talking about the problem of big cruise ships in #Venice, but it’s only when you see it with your own eyes that you realize how surreal the whole thing is

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15 years ago, EFF's @doctorow told Microsoft:

1. That DRM systems don't work

2. That DRM systems are bad for society

3. That DRM systems are bad for business

4. That DRM systems are bad for artists

5. That DRM is a bad business-move

He was right.

Design of a perfect *smart* air conditioning system:
- thermostat internally ignore values under 24C, but shows them on the display
- AC system has a noise generator, to make people "aware" that it's working correctly, in case ambient temperature is already equal or lower than the one set
- noise generator goes louder and louder under 24 C up to some level where it grinds painfully and seems it is going to burst in flames

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Please STOP, stop, stop using #Google #reCaptcha on your websites!
You are giving away your visitors' #privacy and they cannot even opt-out and avoid it if they want to reach your contents.
#privacyMatters #webdevelopment

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We are proud that our tools can serve the LGBTQ+ community, particularly in places where it is dangerous to be out.

This June and year round, the Tor Project stands in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community.

Happy #Pride2019!

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It'd be cool if mastodon would auto-block on migration

So when kin haters make a new account I don't have to reblock them

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If you want to use the Fediverse through a Facebook-style interface, you may want to try Friendica.
Some good instances to sign up at:
You can use Friendica through the @fedilab app.
It federates through ActivityPub with Mastodon etc and it also lets you follow RSS feeds as if they were users.
The developers are very active with regular new releases.
#Friendica #Facebook #Alternatives #DeleteFacebook #ReplaceFacebook

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It's not "information disorder" it's the advertising industry running everything - the industrialization of influence for cash
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⚠️ Public Service Announcement ⚠️

Stop talking about:
• Climate change
• Global warming
• Climate sceptic

Instead, talk about:
• Climate crisis
• Global heating
• Climate science denier


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So I'm now using an 8 year-old phone with current open-source software.

Take that, consumerism!

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If you find yourself sitting in cars now and then, this might be interesting to you and help you prevent accidents.
So if you open a cars door from the inside, you open the door with the hand that's not next to the door. This means that you turn around you body which automatically turns your vision in the direction where other cars or bikes might come from.

I was taught this early on I believe, anyways this is the way I have always done it.

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