~ Text based video game ~

You enter a dusty tavern; there is a dog in the corner

> look at dog

The dog is a good pupper; suchagoodboy

> who is a good boy?

The dog is a good boy

The dog rolls on its back; he wants belly-rubs

> rub belly

Receive + 10 happy

> scritch scritch

Receive + 10 happy

> very snuggles

You have reached the maximum happy for a human; become a dog? (Yes/Nnnyesss)

> _

⍣ γ€€γ€€γ€€β€‰βœ¦ β€Šβ€‰γ€€β€Šβ€Šβ€Š β€Šβ€‰β€‰γ€€
β€Šγ€€ β€Šβ€Š γ€€βœ§β€‰β€Š β€‰β€Šγ€€γ€€βœ¦  
βœ§β€‰β€‰β€Šβœ¦.γ€€γ€€ β€‰β€‰γ€€βœ΄οΈŽβ€Šβ€Šβ€‰    
πŸ›°β€Šγ€€βœ΄οΈŽγ€€ β€‰βœ΄οΈŽβ€Š β€Šβœ§γ€€β€Šβ€‰β€Š β€‰β€Šβ€‰
γ€€β€‰β€Šγ€€β€Šβ€‰βœ΄οΈŽ γ€€.γ€€β€‰γ€€βœ¦γ€€β€‰β‹†β€‰
γ€€γ€€γ€€β€Šγ€€β€‰βœ§β‹†γ€€ β€Šβ‹†.β€Š β€Šβ€‰β€‰  
γ€€.     β€Šβ€Šγ€€β€‰β€‰γ€€β€‰β€‰ γ€€

OMG ich hab mal wieder Mastodon aufgemacht. Ist schick geworden! ✨

Oh mein Gott! Danke Internet 🀣🀣🀣


The fedi is especially annoying today. Bye, I'll be back some other time.

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Does anyone remember this little cutie? redd.it/b1pb5z

RT @Radelflieger@twitter.com
β€žStreiken ja, aber nicht an Schultagenβ€œ
β€žRadwege ja, aber nicht zu Lasten des Autoverkehrsβ€œ
β€žKlimaschutz ja, aber ohne die Wirtschaft einzuschrΓ€nkenβ€œ

Nein. Die Zeit der faulen Kompromisse ist vorbei.
#FridaysForFuture @CCitiesOrg@twitter.com #Klimawandel


During the rainy weather I thought to give them some extra light. :invaderxan: :_earth:

Little chestnut looks darn cute that way, but I suppose if it was better weather she wouldn't leave her legs hang like that.

Trans women are brilliant. Remember this every time you look at your phone. It's thanks to a trans woman that we have the low-power ARM processors in our phones. Without them, our phones would require batteries the size of the ones used in laptops.

Whenever someone compliments you on your phone, proudly say "A trans woman made it." Then point to theirs and say "A trans woman made that one too."

And as a trans woman, I say "You're welcome, cis. Now stop firing, evicting, & murdering us for it."

Whoa, das war sehr inspirierend und ermutigend, so viele engagierte junge Menschen zu sehen! Die kleinsten waren am lautesten! :) Danke, ihr alle! <3 @fff_bs

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