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Good night fediverse. 🌃
I wish you all wonderful, relaxing sleep. 🌌

On IRL podcast, Gargron sounds a bit like a trans girl just starting voice training.

Mozilla has its nice "we free the internet" podcast "IRL".
I thought I'd subscribe, but eventually couldn't listen to any episode. Why, you ask?
Because Blokada (rightly so) blocks the mp3 source of the IRL Podcast, which is, I kid you not:! 🤯

What the fucking fuck, Mozilla?! When are you getting serious about what you preach? 🤮

- Great hair and nails
- High-protein diets
- Pictures of them all over the internet
- Respond vocally to physical affection
- Four legs
- Pointy ears
- Actually I might be thinking of cats

lord, grant me the self righteous courage of a straight white man in his 50's who's never been challenged on anything.

Ach, die vier Jahreszeiten!

Frühling, Sommer, Herbst und Frühling. 🌱

Hey everyone! #SolarpunkActionWeek starts in 2 weeks, so I just wanted to go over something before people get too far into planning their actions

Remember that #solarpunk is an #anticapitalist and #antiauthoritarian movement. If you support sustainability, but you don't recognize that an end to consumerism, exploitation, and hierarchy is necessary for that to happen, you're not solarpunk, you're just green

We won't be accepting submissions that involve campaigning for any political candidate or making an excessively consumerist purchase (i.e. buying a Tesla wouldn't be accepted, buying a bike and selling your car would; buying a portable solar panel for hiking trips wouldn't, but buying a small solar panel setup to get your apartment off-grid would). Use your common sense and we'll use ours

Once again, we're available to answer any questions you have, either about these rules or just helping with your action! Happy planning :greensun:

@aurora OK jetzt brauch ich doch hilfe. 🤷

Es scheint, als müsste ich die Lüfterseitige Verdeckung öffnen. Da sind so Laschen umgelegt, die sehen unbesiegbar aus.. Gleichzeitig sieht es aber doch so aus als würde da nur der vorderste kleine Ring draufsitzen. Vielleicht sind aber Schrauben drunter?

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