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My honorific titles + scout promise 

I'm proud to be my family's unmarried not-mother woman-child; the first of my name to post-grad; the eldest daughter, granddaughter, great-granddaughter of divorced/widow women-clan.

*scout sign*
On my honor, I promise to live my last year as a 20-something like is the end of the world (because it is...), nonetheless will continue to be child(husband)less because I'm the only child I can handle right now (and most likely 4ever).

Atheist Anarcho-feminist Amen

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A greeting moment, deep in the Atlantic Forest

Archive: personal
Date: September, 2015
Place: Dois Rios / Parnaioca Trail, Ilha Grande, Brazil {about the island see

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touching grass, recreationally
touching grass, for scientific discovery
touching grass, therapeutically
touching grass, disquietingly
touching grass, possibly
touching grass, positively
touching grass, purposefully
touching grass, unconsciously

So how did we get from the gleaming promise of the digital age as imagined in the 70s to the harsh cyberpunk reality of the 20s?

Centralization, rent seeking, planned obsolescence, surveillance, advertising, and copyright.

How do we move forward?

Re-decentralization, a rejection of the profit motive, building for the future/to be repaired, building for privacy, rejecting advertising, and embracing Free software.

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Segurança, Tutela e Morte na Guerra Colonial Amazônica - Acácio Augusto - Vozes Anarquistas Ep. 10 #11

I think growing up third world gives you some sensibilities that are hard to convey to people who grew up first world.

Like you can discuss it in the abstract, and they'll nod and understand; but the emotional weight of it doesn't carry.

The Comb of the Wind, by Eduardo Chillida (San Sebastian, Spain 1976). A set of monumental steel sculptures, weighing 10 tons each, embedded in natural rocks rising from the coast at the Bay of Biscay. [1620x1080] [OC].
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tired: "good timezone" (can't talk about your own time of day so make it milquetoast; sounds vaguely dystopian)

wired: "good morning" (now you know i am having a morning, or i want to wish you a morning. also time is fake anyway, so you're never wrong)

inspired: "good time zone" (the zone where the good times happen, now we are partying, put on this fun hat)

Ableism and intelligence 

@Irina I could go on and on, but I suppose my point is that 'intelligence' isn't exactly bad—a society definitely benefits from having people who are good at math, or science, or engineering, or medicine, or whatever else you'd classify as 'intelligence based fields'—but it isn't the only attribute a good society needs, and is no more important than things like kindness, or emotional empathy, or artistic creativity.

Ableism and intelligence 

@Irina A lot of people say things like, “there are different types of intelligence,” and that's a good starting point I guess, but I'd go a step farther and say that intelligence is a vague and useless concept. What's considered 'intelligent' varies from culture to culture, environment to environment.

Reading The Dawn of Everything - A New History of Humanity and I want to burn down the entirety of western civilization.

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