can also be used as an ultra low maintenance aquarium.


Today one of the prototypes will be visiting Make+Game Monday (19:30) at
Women only.


Heute 16h Open Hardware-Meetup im Makerspace von, dann ab 19h im xHain und n盲chsten Samstag -Bastelworkshop auch bei uns.


Berlin people, tomorrow is your chance to meet ! At 7PM at Don't forget to install the toolchain if you plan on fiddling yourself (see!

Trying to find the cause of some soldering defects on the prototypes. The X-ray pictures are mesmerizing.

If you want to start hacking firmware at the workshop, have a look at to get started. We'll hand out a few prototypes for the night.

Seems like water jet is not quite suitable for what we're trying to do...

Does any of our fans have experience with water jet cutting or access to a water jet cutter? If you're also curious about the prototype, have ideas or want to contribute, follow this link:

The first prototype with debug adapter about to be shipped to our friends at the

And we're still researching contacts. In the picture we used iron-on silver coated fabric.

Exciting day for the e-textile research group. A lot of prototyping was done. We still have some open questions though...
How to cut thousands of these from the neoprene/velcro?
How to sow on the scratchy velcro?
How many LEDs can you fit in one wristband?

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