people were talking about the millennium bug recently, well it turns out a lot of the fixes just delayed the problem to 2020

"Programmers wanting to avoid the Y2K bug had two broad options: entirely rewrite their code, or adopt a quick fix called “windowing”, which would treat all dates from 00 to 20, as from the 2000s, rather than the 1900s. An estimated 80 per cent of computers fixed in 1999 used the quicker, cheaper option."

"Those systems that used the quick fix have now reached the end of that window, and have rolled back to 1920. Utility company bills have reportedly been produced with the erroneous date 1920, while tens of thousands of parking meters in New York City have declined credit card transactions because of the date glitch."

@radikalgrafitio "Who is still going to use this in 20 years?" - a programmer who is in the middle of fixing an issue created by a programmer that said the exact same thing 20 years before.

@tsturm @radikalgrafitio I'd never heard of this hack until yesterday, wherein on an internal webform I needed to enter a date and the popup calendar only offered months from 1920 up to about 1940.

@xenotrope @radikalgrafitio That is pretty amazing.

When that happens it's time to put on a Fedora, take a deep pull on a cigarette and contemplate the shadowy pattern of the ceiling fan on the wall.

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