Clean up the web!

Developers, it’s time for you to choose a side: will you help rid the web of privacy-invading tracking or be complicit in it?

#CleanUpTheWeb #FlocOffGoogle

@aral Like the statement. But please consider using another image than the kraken as it is an antisemitic trope

@michakees Hey Michael, I appreciate that the image of an octopus has been historically/even recently used for this purpose but I’m not sure that comparing a multinational corporation to a Giant squid from Norse mythology has the same connotation. That said, do you have any suggestions for alternative metaphors?

@aral This is Marina Weisband, a Jewish author, giving an explanation of why the kraken metaphor is antisemitic - even if you don't have Jews in mind. I've added the subtitles. (CC BY 3.0,
@tracktor @codiflow


@kirschwipfel Zu unserer Diskussion neulich. Du brauchst Dich nicht dafür zu entschuldigen, dass Du Dir null Mühe mit eigener Recherche gegeben hast, mache ich gerne für Dich. Habe ja sonst nix anderes zu tun und liebe es, weißen zu dienen.

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