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When I use --force, it checks out the commit, but leaves traces of the submodule's contents behind as untracked files. It seems to delete the folder's contents but not the folder itself. I bet this has something to do with the fact that Git doesn't have a concept of folders as their own entities... Hard to believe that a tool so old and in such widespread use still has such bugs in not-too-uncommon use cases

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Git seems to be stupid... I took some shared code that was duplicated across multiple projects and put it in a submodule at the same path as the regular folders were before. Now when I want to check out an older commit that did not yet have the submodules, Git complains about untracked files that would be overwritten and refuses to checkout the commit. (I guess because it doesn't see the submodule's contents as a submodule anymore and suddenly there's a whole new folder with untracked files)

Weird... My Google Authenticator app started showing "Accounts were recently exported" but the recent activity view shows only my own export (out of curiosity) from over a month ago.
But why is it showing that message again then?

Gerade erst gesehen, wie mein Toot eskaliert ist. Hatte gestern gar nicht weit genug in den Notifications runtergescrollt, um das alles zu sehen hahaha

Jede Wohnung hat diese eine Ecke mit den Fahrgastinformationsanzeigen

Kennt jemand irgendeinen Kontakt bei der S-Bahn München, den man bezüglich Anzeigern fragen könnte? Dort werrden welche abgebaut und ich will mein Glück versuchen...

I just did a global Search & Replace in IAR Embedded Workbench and in one file, it just completely fucked itself in the ass and randomly replaced bits of code????

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I think the best option is to merge my old 3D models with the new ones... if I hadn't just deleted them. Hopefully the 4.0.7 release from GitLab is what I need, at least the names are correct there

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KiCad 6.0.0 is all nice and shiny but I am still using symbols and footprints from 5.1 because I keep importing my old lib-tables. Because if I switch to the new ones, it's gonna mess everything up because they for some reason renamed a lot of the libraries... But I don't want to clutter my 6.0.0 installation with all that legacy stuff. What tf am I supposed to do?

Switched to testing branch, there it is! I'm impatient! :D

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apparently Manjaro is quite different from Arch and uses its own repos. I feel betrayed

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Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? I want to install KiCad 6 on Manjaro. I can see that version 6 is available on the archlinux website, but yay only shows me 5.1...

Game of Life on the LED display, it recognises loops and stable states and restarts :D

I just renewed my Let's Encrypt cert and reloaded nginx and now if I just hit F5 in Chrome and go to certificate details, it shows me the old one... If I hit Ctrl+Shift+R, it shows me the new one. Hit F5 again, old cert again... how?

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