Ich finde alle möglichen USB-Stecker und Buchsen, aber keinen Typ B-Stecker für Platinenmontage. Kann doch nicht sein...


@maris But those are receptacles. I need the counterpart for PCB mounting :/

@cato that's quiet the unusual usecase. I don't think such a thing exists.

@maris I think so too, guess I'll have to use a small cable stub or try and mount a cable connector on the PCB somehow... I just wanna make a small in-between PCB with some protection components that plugs directly into other devices

@cato I can see the usecase but what sort of device uses usb b?

@maris Some stuff we use at work and many bigger devices usually use USB B, in my experience :D

@cato the last device i've seen use usb b was an external harddrive

@maris I can think of my laser printer, two label printers, Logic analyzer, PicoScope, several USB multimeters, EEPROM programmer and probably many more o.o doesn't seem that rare to me, now that I think about it

@maris That would be ideal, of course :D but we don't seem to be there yet... I didn't even get to replace the Mini-B with Type C in my boards either (shame on me)

@cato right now I'm working on a smol midi controller and I spend yesterday and today trying to figure out usb c

@maris Yeah I also read up on the basic stuff (I'd just use USB 2 features anyway) and seem to have understood it, but I ran out of boards so I had to order new ones quickly and that didn't give me time to implement USB C and test it before ordering 50 assembled sadly

@cato fair. I'm still pretty bad at electronics stuff but It's fun trying to learn

@maris Oh absolutely! I'm glad there's awesome tools like KiCad that make it a really nice experience

@maris Takes a while getting used to everything, but then again, so does other software too. I mean I saw your 3D render, looks like you're on a good path to success :D

@cato I have some experience with other cad software so the moment I realized I can do whatever I want and It's not wrong as long as it works was the moment I got comfortable with it.

I just have a very limited knowledge of electronics right now. 90% of what I do is copy sample schematics and hope it works.

I know what passive components do, but I rarely know when to use them. (voltage dividers, caps for filtering, etc )

I should probably find someone that can teach me how to do things nicely

@maris I see! For me, that knowledge came (and is still coming) from playing around, lots of browsing forums and QA sites, my EE studies and just generally trying to understand why things are designed the way they are.

@maris (should add that I'm selling the boards so I try to keep them in stock)

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