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pixie dream girl @cats_head@chaos.social

I’m reading news about russian anarchists/antifascists and almost crying: they are so cool and brave.

I like that at the moment I can choose about whom to think when I listen love songs. Even better: there is no one who comes to my mind immediately and I try to remember who is there on my list of people I like.
I’m so happy that the concept of relationship anarchy exists.

I’m so happy about my new computer that I forgot that I have period.
What do you know about happiness? XD

Oh baby, you’ll come home today ☺️

I’m more personal here that I would like to be, but well, we have what we have. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Geek happiness is when you’re about to buy the most powerful computer in your life and imagining how you’ll install ArchLinux and all other operating systems and will spend time configuring everything and not communicating to anyone 🖤

I should say that amount of sexual tension between me and that guy from Java course grows every day. And I hope that one day it will end with sex. 😏

Random fact: I have a friend who doesn’t talk to me for ~2-3 months already because of the wrong like, lol.

I had to make a cat tattoo only for the opportunity to ask people “Do you want to see my pussy?” Lol

Yes, this is an account of a person vith a visual perception of everything, many pictures await.

And I already tried everything, I told him about me being an LGBT-activist, about cortège de tête, anarchism, political squats, relationship anarchy and even my non-cisgender female identity. He’s still not scared and interested and proposes to go to the park to lie on the grass, smoke and talk.
What is happening, lol 😅

Like dude, don’t you have your life? Go eat, sleep, smoke, communicate to other people on the planet.

This strange feeling when the person from my Java group obviously likes me, and I am uncertain and don’t really want to talk to him without stop, even if he’s nice and interesting.
Everyone not answering me, I feel you.

I should say that sleeping for more than 10 hours in a row makes me feel strange and exhausted, as if I slept four-five hours.

Nice person: *looks at me with a friendly smile*
Me: *makes a bitch poker face*
Also me, later: “Why don’t I ever have a romantic relationship, will I ever have sex in my life, why, WHYYY?!”

81, now 82 posts on Mastodon. This shit is becoming serious, huh.