There will be a mobile phone network at the #CCCamp19 supporting general data and voice services. We will setup a 2G/3G network and experiment with 4G as well

[en] Inspired by (tent savers), we'll provide help, tools and material to fix holes, rips, and tears in tents and mattresses during . Like a repair café, just not for electronics, but the most important equipment you need for shelter and sleep.

Which hashtag should we use for this year's Chaos Communication Camp?

Currently, seems to see roughly the same usage as 😟

Unser nächster Vortrag steht nun endlich fest! Nächsten Donnerstag, 8.8.: IT-Sicherheit in Firmen - das IT-Sicherheitsgesetz, KRITIS und mehr!

In einer Woche: CCCS Vortragsreihe (Thema noch offen)

[en] Use less power = use less Diesel at ! A note on electricity and sustainability. For more ideas on a sustainable camp please follow us, we'll post more until camp. Please also share your ideas!

[de] Weniger Strom = weniger Diesel beim ! Ein paar Bemerkungen zu Elektrizität und Nachhaltigkeit. Für mehr Ideen zu einem nachhaltigen Camp, folgt uns bitte, wir werden bis zum Camp mehr dazu schreiben. Bitte teilt auch eure Ideen!

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